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First off, sorry about the passing of your father. With regards to the M5, it sounds lke you are on the right track. The S.A codes can be remedied by Powerchip or other software designers that offer an off-road/racing package. After all, you need to remember that it is illegal to override that emissions element. ;)

If you plan on keeping the Beast, get a Peake reader. They are worth their weight in gold with regards to the E39 M5. Table 18 is exclusively dedicated to our cars.

Clear the codes 1st and formost, then run it for a bit. You dont mention mileage or maintenance?? Pre-CATS are a viable option with regards to the catalyst efficiency codes, but again, a Peake would solidify that. If the pre-CATS have never been replaced, then I would replace them...OEM Bosch units can be purchased via Amazon for about $100 for the set of pre-cats.

Recommend you read this thread as it will provide valuable info with regards to these cars:

Hope this helps, welcome to the Board, but sorry again about the circumstances.

1 - 1 of 62 Posts
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