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First post guys so hi everyone.

I recently bought a 2013 M5 having been around the manufacturer block over the years, (E46 M3 - Audi V10 RS6, Porsche Cayenne etc) and I must say Im happy with my new toy. As I live in Dubai, choice was limited as there aren't that many around. I ideally wanted the LCI 2014 CP but couldn't find any so managed to get a low mileage 13 model. A few pics now its been cleaned up..

I want to update my kidney grilles to the 2 slotted LCI ones. I've sourced a genuine set but I have night vision. I've searched and found a few old posts that indicate modifications can be done to make them fit but seems a hassle. Are there any aftermarket ones that have now overcome the retrofit issues(gloss black) that you can send me a link for please.

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