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Don't kill messenger.. :7:

Look up BMW blog and what do i see..

"Our sister-magazine BimmerToday, quoting German publication Focus, reports on the possibility of the new 2012 BMW M5 to have an increased top speed. The now usual 250 km/h top speed available in several other M products is said to be raised to 305 km/h (189mph), but only for the German market."

IF true.. would be first that M has over 155mph from factory? :Thumbdown: for having this only for german market.. simple tune will fix 155 limit but why only for germany?

I almost forgot..

"Same German publication reports on the transmission choices for the new M5 which comes in two flavors: a 7-speed DCT gearbox and manual. Only for the US the manual gearbox will be available, same as with the E60. As with the E60 M5, the manual transmission will be available only for the U.S. market"

Die hard manual fans will be pleased.. for the U.S at least.. IF there was ever a time that a manual would make sense then this is it.. i think the high torque/low rpms will work well with manual gearbox.. we will see..

BMW M5 F10: 305 km/h max speed for Germany and manual transmission for U.S. only
From a racing perspective, the M5 might be at risk for losing more boost between shifts with a slower human rowing gears compared to a DCT. Food for thought.
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