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FIrst of all.........Stevie I now know how you feel ! must really be missing this tremendous machine..:crying2:...don't worry though she's in very good hands !

The car is in magnificent shape :M5thumbs:....had a few issues though....first of all the viscous fan clutch failed...good thing I drove straight to the garage I use and discovered the leak while fixing the a.c. ( which cools like winter ! ). Changed the clutch and had to change the rubber exhaust hangers...they were shot !

After all this was done I took her for my first real "drive ".......:eek:oohhh: what a car.

I got a lot of disbelieving ( is there such a word ? :confused: ) looks from other BMW drivers....I think one of them even tried to test the authenticity of my M5 badge......need I say that he's positive that its the real thing !

I can now see what all the "fuss" is about....and to think this car is 15 years old.

Over the weekend I'm going to give her a thourough cleaning....wash & wax, detail the seats and general interior ( time permitting ) and then i'll post some pics.

The process of arriving at this point was more than worth it.....and to think I got to here all because I didn't want to shell out the money to upgrade the suspension on my 535i to an adjustable one !

Faz....I'm going to be sending you a parts list very soon :1:


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