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Experience with Modular Concept wheels?

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I am looking for a new set of wheels for the Black Sapphire Cabrio.
It's coming out of the paint shop next week following repairs of some paint chips.
Sounds like a good time for a new set of wheels too.

While lookikng at some of the Interad wheels (Turismo and DTM), and Breyton (Race GTP and Race GTSR-M), I came across the line from Modular Concept.
There are some really cool carbon fiber options available for the face, lip, etc.
This particular wheel caught my eye as posted by Wheel Executives:

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Supercar Automotive design

Might be a bit too flashy for the black M6:

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Personal luxury car

Does anyone have any experience with this line of wheels or the carbon fiber options?

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Not Sure

I sent my wheels to them last Dec with a deposit to make it narrower. I was told they're waiting for the inner rim to come. Being thousands of miles away, what else can you do but believe it?

In the meantime, I'm trying to sell my existing inner rim sitting at their shop. A couple people are interested, but I don't know if it's still there to sell it.
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