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This is not a WTB, exactly, more of a "What did you do" topic.

I have an E28 M5 with an exhaust system that is truly a mosh. There are 9 pipe welds and nothing behind the downpipes are OEM or even BMW. When we racked the car, we discovered that the rear exhaust section is from a TOYOTA! Wow. Just wow. As is often the case, some components of this car are pristine, but some.... The catalytic converter is a single (large) pipe as are all of the mufflers.

I want to take the exhaust back to stock or something pretty close to it. That would be the dual pipe arrangement all the way back but the dual pipe cat is no longer avialable. The OEM exhaust is still available for about $1300 not including the cat. I am not fond of the super loud Billy Boat style exhausts and prefer a system that won't wake the neighbors.

Some of you have either had to replace components or have chosen to install some other system. Other than the Billy Boat system, what have you used? And if you had to replace a cat, what was your solution?

I appreciate your help with this.




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