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So had to replace the Centre support bearing and changed the guibo and decided it was just easier to drop the whole exhaust off which was a pita involving cutting nearly every exhaust bolt - yay 30 year old bolts! Anyhow the gaskets that fit in between the flanges of the Cat and the downpipe looked a bit worse for wear - they could probably go back in and chuck some sealing paste in but would prefer to just put new in. All the stealerships seem to be closed still and the online orders dont seem to be able to supply any 'classic' parts. So I looked at aftermarket - and eurocarparts confirmed they had an aftermarket that was equivalent - I figure that in a few months as its all new bolts im putting on I could change to a proper bmw gasket easy enough. Anyway the supplied parts vary massively from the bmw part:


The original has a inner wire ring and is about 1.7-1.8mm thick.
the replacement is 6-7mm thick which wont fit in the recess of the flange and has a selaing ring on one side only.

Has anyone used these or does anyone have a heads up for a more oem gasket somewhere in the uk?

Lots of the copy parts dont show an actual picture and the only ones that do match are half way around the world!

Part 11761308686 - no 2 on this diagram

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