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I have been searching for a new set of headers for my beast for a bit and it appears that the guy at Evolve Automotive have as solution that has shown "very satisfactory" gains and is cost effective. From what I have gathered thus far, they are planning on releasing a catted and a de-catted version of the headers (Evolve please correct me if I am wrong). Putting out a poll to see if anyone is intersted in trying to get a group buy going so that we can all save a bit of dough. Current pricing on the headers is ~$3,600. With a group buy consisting of 5+ people, an additional 15% can be taken off the final price. More info (dyno and pics) can be found at

Evolve Header Group Buy
1. PVUM5

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Evolve RS Catted Headers for BMW E60 M5 and E63 M6

Stock Primaries
Replacement 100-Cell Grade 1 HJS Catalytic Converters
Fully assembled and welded with flange as a direct bolt-on solution to stock downpipes.

Dyno graph:

As you can see the CAT's are very large and present an excellent power increase through the rpm range (dyno graphs will be posted)

The taper from the collector to CAT and CAT to flange are long and smooth aiding smooth air flow.

This is an ideal fit and forget solution unlike a decat setup and present similar power gains.

HJS manufacture different grades of CAT and these are their premium quality ones.

You will not fail an emissions test which is done by measuring C02 and hydrocarbon levels with a probe in the exhaust tail pipes.

As far as the CEL light goes, we have had no issues at all.

Our stage 3 tune has already been developed for this upgrade and the gains in power are very satisfactory.

This is just information at this point as we have many requests for exhausts from the V10 guys after they saw what we have been doing on the E92 M3 and E39 M5.

Prices with 15% discount in brackets:

$3565 (GB Price $3030.25) based on an exchange rate of 1.6 dollars to 1 GBP
€2593 (GB Price is €2204.05) based on exchange rate of 1.15 to 1 GBP
£2203 (GB Price £1872.55)

There will be a refundable fee for a core exchange which is going to be around £1500.

Once we receive your old headers back in good condition we will refund the the core payment.

I hope that's a reasonable price for something that comes with pretty much the highest quality of CAT offered.

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did i understand right that i only have to pay £703 effective when i send back the stock headers ?
is the stage 3 tune included or not ?

i would love to do the test for an BMW M6 here in Germany... and give you a feedback for it..

send me a mail if you are interested: [email protected]

No the core charge is added on top of the price which is then refundable once they receive your stock set.

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