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NOW AVAILABLE AND IN STOCK! Get your car evolved – from home!
Introducing the evolve-R remote tuning tool, with limited units in the USA ready to ship from our newly launched US website

As with all our products we have a strong emphasis on safety, and so rather than redesigning the wheel, we decided to use the same style device we have been using to tune our customers vehicles for years without issues. With updated software, the evolve-R is incredibly easy to use, safe and offers a simple and affordable way of delivering our renowned ECU files to your vehicle.

How it works:

- Install the supplied software on your laptop (Windows XP/Vista/7)
- Connect the cable to your OBD-II port and read your ECU into a file.
- Email us the file
- We tune the file, email it back and you use the evolve-R to load back into your vehicle.

You can replace your original/tune file at will, and of course if you add modifications in the future, you use the same process to load on the new file we send you.

Free valet map (3k RPM limit) with every purchase
Changing your car in the future? Get an 80% discount on the next tune (if coverage allows)
Replacing your car for the same model? Get another cable/tune for FREE
3 minute read/write – no battery worries
Safe, reliable, tested extensively
Coming soon: Datalogging & Code Clearing – free upgrades.

Visit our new US website for more information >> FREE SHIPPING on all purchases!

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[FONT=&quot]Created with extensive research and testing the S85 V10 ECU upgrade transforms power and drivability of the V10 engine. Developed with 100's of hours of dyno testing, datalogging and endurance testing we deliver a consistent 25-30hp while retaining maximum safety margins.

The changes we make to the BMW software are developed by us in a real time environment and are unique to any other software on the market.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot] The software is designed such that it will work with any after market cat-back exhaust system.

Some of the maps within the ECU which are modified:

- Torque Management
- Full throttle fuel
- Full throttle ignition aim
- Part throttle ignition aim
- Minimum ignition set
- Torque calculation
- RPM limiter (optional)
- Speed limiter of 250km/h removed
- Normal and sport throttle maps modified for smoother driving
- Vanos intake and exhaust
- Throttle opening maps (to achieve 100% opening)

Wheel Figures:



Flywheel Calculated:



[FONT=&quot]We only advertise our average figures based on the numerous runs we do in our in-house dyno. You will not find any glory run figures from us. The numbers above are based on US 93 Octane. 91 Octane maps are available upon request and yield between 15-20hp.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Click here to visit the S85 listing on our website. Each purchase includes both the evolve-R remote tuning cable and the tune for your vehicle.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]We look forward to hearing from you![/FONT]

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Is this still going on? The website says you are out of stock?

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Is this still going on? The website says you are out of stock?
We will be getting new stock in around 7-10 days, we've had 2 batches in since, both of which have sold out almost immediately! If you could like to be updated with new stock arrival simply PM me with your email and I will put you on the update list :)
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