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Evo June issue 2008 tests the BMW Alpina B5S

A great introduction:

"In a world that sometimes seems obsessed by carbon fibre, bling and fizz-bang gearboxes and the shock of the new, there's something wonderfully, comfortingly old-schoold about Alpinas. Their discreet straight-edged bumpers and blue dials have a style all of their own. It's a style that doesn't seem to have changed in years, possibly decades, yet it's a style that has authority wihtout ever shouting. Alpinas are the pinstripe suits of the automotive world, and the one here is a hefting great prop forwrd of a batterign ram i na pinstripe suit.

Last sentence:

"I reckon if you bought one of these, you'd live with it in utter contentment and never feel the need to change a thing."
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