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European vs. US Vin numbers: Help

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The following vehicle ID plate is for a car for sale on Ebay. The most curious thing about it is the 8/00 build date. I thought they closed the factory during the month of August.

Second is the Vin number: It matches my number exactly with the exception of "0" before the "y" (this letter is the year 00, X would be for 99 and so forth) which must be the interior. The only difference between my car and this one is the interior; exclusive here and mine's extended. The last five numbers are the serial number.

This car was built 218 cars after my July build. My question is: What are the European vin numbers like? Could some of our overseas friends upload a picture of their plate? Are these serial numbers just for US production or consecutive in order for all M5 builds. Persons with July or August builds would be best.


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Well, my german is pretty bad.. alright, non-existant, but I think GMBH is an abbreviation for what we in the states would put as Co. or Inc.
I'm sure someone who knows German will chime in soon.
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