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European Certificate of Conformity for 2003 M5

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I have a 2003 E39 M5 that I bought new in the US. I am about to move to Switzerland (Lugano) and am working with Car Logistics Ltd. in Bern to arrange transport from NY to Switzerland, including the Swiss import formalities (which includes Swiss registration).

I am told that the car needs a European (EU) Certificate of Conformity to pass the Swiss registration. Does anyone know anything about how to obtain such a Certificate for an M5 built in Germany for the US market?

Car Logistics has told me that they had a US customer who shipped a Z8 into Switzerland without an EU Certificate of Conformity, where the costs for the technical changes required to obtain Swiss registration were approx CHF 15,000! (According to Car Logistics, the engine software had to be replaced.) Given that the M5 and Z8 have the same engine, I am very concerned.

This seems absurd to me. The M5 was built in Dingolfing (in April 2003), which, last I looked, was in the EU! An EU-built car doesn't meet EU requirements?
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