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Hey Everyone, we are offering a sale on our F10 M5 tune!


54.4 WHP gain on a dyno dynamics dyno!

Eurocharged Remote Tuning:
If requested Eurocharged can send you a remote tuning kit so you don't have to send your ECU!

The process is very simple!
Once you receive the new eurocharged remote tuning kit unpack the laptop and bring it to the car.
Hook the laptop up to your wireless internet, and connect the OBD2 cable to the car!

Contact Eurocharged and we will remote control the laptop and finish the process!

You will see the car in a Flashing progress on your screen

You will also see errors on the dash and screen during the process. These are completely normal during the tune, and will self correct after the process!

The process takes approximately 10 minutes once your Eurocharged Representative has logged into the computer!
The loaner equipment requires a $1000 deposit to be made prior to shipment. Once the equipment is returned, your deposit is refunded.

To order:

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