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I have a rare set of professionally refinished European Staggered Rims that I imported from the United Kingdom many moons ago. Yes, doing that was expensive. They were never installed after being refurbished and live in the same boxes they arrived in. In fact, they never left the boxes. Sadly, my low mileage E34 M5 went to a new home across country to a collector in 2014. Happily, the sale of my E34 M5 funded the acquisition of both a 1988 Saab 900 Turbo Convertible (Springtime in Sweden Edition) and a 1969 Citroen DS (yes, the Goddess).

As indicated, the rims are professionally refinished and came out as close to new as can be found. The Turbine Covers are are in very good condition. All four have shiny new roundels. As you can see in the photos, each Turbine Cover has been touched up slightly here and there.

As we all know, the removable Turbine Covers are directional. For the (wider) rears, the Turbine Covers each face the proper (opposing) direction. However, the (narrower) fronts each point in the same direction (which is not proper). In other words, out of the 4 Turbine Covers currently on the rims, three face one direction and one faces the other. As mentioned, a proper facing set of Turbine Covers is on the wider rears (which is likely why you are interested and still reading). For fans of the Ninja Throwing Stars, this is all academic. Myself, I'm a Turbine Cover lover (that rhymes).

I'm not offering these for sale because we all know we aren't supposed to post anything for sale in this section. I am simply posting this so you can visualize how insanely awesome a rare set of European Staggered Turbines would look on your baby and to see if anyone has any (fair market value) suggestions on what I can do with this incredible set of history since I no longer have any use for them. First two photos are the rears. Photos three and four are the fronts.


Rear 1 A.jpg
Rear 2 A.JPG
Front 1 A.JPG
Front 2 A.JPG
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