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"...South of the [Denver] boarder; head for the Castle!"
The seven large Denver GTG of 2010 will be on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 @ 1:00pm.

Front Street + Founders Parkway
Castle Rock, CO

- I-25 to Founders Parkway / Meadow Parkway (exit #184)
- head east on Founders Parkway to Front Street
- head southwest on Front Street to Kohl's & Office Depot lot
- park in the southwest corner of the lot; away from the shopping buildings

Tons of food available for a late lunch:

* Outback Steakhouse / Red Robin / Wendy's / Good Times / Quizno's / Qdoba / Boulevard Pizza Kitchen / Sonic

Tentative Schedule:
* meet up @ 1:00pm (those who want to meet-up for late lunch)
* converse till 2:30pm
* hold drivers meeting for drive @ 2:45pm
* leave for drive @ 3:00pm

PLEASE NOTE: drive will be determined on location pending previous weather, consensus of drivers, and attendance!

PLEASE come with a positive attitude; many are meeting each other for the first time.

NOTE: There will be no reservations set; this will be a "free-for-all" event.

NOTE: Also, there will be a few OBDII VAG-COMs and other scanners being brought if you need a scan. Just ask and we'd be glad to help fellow owners out.

Questions, concerns, comments? Feel free to contact us!
People usually arrive and meet and greet; enjoying the weather and good company.
Please post if your going; I'll do my best to keep track and update a list as it formulates.

[Public Service Annoucement]

* Want to be very crystal clear on this: Do not, and repeat, DO NOT burnout, speed, or create careless driving acts in your vehicles while in area.
To avoid getting the boot please ABSOLUTELY NO burnouts, speeding, or careless acts in our vehicles; clear?

WARNING: If you do something STUPID in your vehicle on the premises of the area, people WILL have NO problem grabbing your license plate, VIN, your name, any and all personal physical and vehicle description and any other valid info and give it to the authorities so that you are properly processed for fines / tickets / etc.

[/end PSA]

-----> Other 2010 Monthly GTG Events: <-----
* Sunday, January 31st - Hampden + I-25 - over 110+ cars
* Saturday, February 27th - HY-36 + Church Ranch Road - over 95+ cars
* Sunday, March 28th - Arapahoe Crossings - over 85+ cars
* Saturday, April 24th - Downtown Golden - some 20+ cars
* Sunday, May 30th - Loveland (Centerra) - over 50+ cars
* Saturday, June 26th - Tipsy's Liquor (C470 + Bowles) - over 45+ cars
* Sunday, July 25th - Castle Rock
* Saturday, August 28th - Littleton
* Sunday, September 26th - HY-36 + Church Ranch Road
* Saturday, October 23rd - Hampden + I-25
* Sunday, November 21st - Northglenn Marketplace
* Saturday, December 18th - TBA (taking suggestions) [/I]

We're looking for someone who wants to lead the 1.0 - 1.5 hour drive after the event.
If interested, contact Erik via email - [ [email protected] ] to obtain the spot.
Please DO NOT post routes or checkpoints; send details confindentially via email, thanks.
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