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After our results the other day, [email protected] sent me another ECU tune to test, told me to put on the 7.5 PSI pulley, and head back to the dyno. *So we headed back to ICS and they opened their shop and once again donated their time to the project so we could Dyno on a Saturday afternoon.

AJ's new ECU tune ran amazing. *On the 6.5 PSI runs, we ran a 94mm pulley, and now we switched to a 92mm pulley and flashed in the new ECU file. *All I can say is...WOW! *The HP/TQ curve is so much smoother than before. *AJ told me that he modified it to make it much smoother. *You can see the difference from our last runs a few days ago.

The boost gauge at ICS is still broken, so once again we had to rely on the boost gauge in the car dash from P3Cars. *It's less accurate, but we did the best we could to decipher the numbers from the video and map them on a boost chart. *We used the trendline method to calculate boost, and it calculated an average of 6.4 PSI. *That's a lower average than our runs a few days ago. *If you look at the video frame-by-frame, you can see the boost doesn't ever get above 6.5 PSI until the very last boost spike at the end. *Even though it had a lower average boost, I just didn't feel right calling it 6.4 PSI after we had changed pulleys. *So for now, I'm calling it 7.0 PSI until we can get te boost gauge on the dyno fixed and head back for some more accurate readings.

The car drives amazing. *The power is so smooth and linear. *This car is no joke, and the 594whp on 7.0 PSI is no joke either. *Like usual, all of the dyno files and boost spreadsheet are available for download from the Dyno Database (see below). *I've got videos of the dyno runs, but I shot them on my cell phone and they ended up sideways. *I should have those fixed later today and I'll post them once they are fixed.

Car and modifications:
  • BMW E92 M3
  • ESS VT2-625 Supercharger @ 7.0 PSI boost
  • Fully catless
  • Dinan crosspipe
  • Encore Innovation titanium exhaust

  • Temparature: 62.51 degrees F
  • Atmospheric pressure: 29.51 inHg
  • Humidity: 8%
  • SAE Correction: 0.98
  • STD Correction: 1.0
  • Uncorrected: 1.00

  • SAE Corrected: 594whp @ 8300 RPM, 381wtq @ 7225 RPM. 7.0 PSI
  • STD Corrected: 611whp, 392wtq
  • Uncorrected: 610whp, 391wtq

Dyno Database entries:
Dyno Results for SAE Corrected:

Dyno Results for STD Corrected:

Dyno Results for Uncorrected:

Boost log analysis: 6.4 PSI Average, 7.3 PSI Peak

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