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The other day I went to ICS in Stamford Ct to have my car dyno'd. ESS wanted me to test some new software. We were testing on my VT2-625 kit with a 6.5 PSI. *Normal VT2-625 kits have a 7.5 PSI pulley. *We wanted to dyno the new software before increasing my boost to the normal 7.5 PSI of the VT2-625. The boost gauge at ICS is still broken so the only boost data we collected was on my in-dash boost gauge by P3Cars. *Please see the video for the boost gauge.

The guys at ICS were great. They donated their time to us for all the dyno time we wanted and testing new tunes. *They wouldn't even take our money for it. They are true enthusiasts and only wanted us to make great power. They even offered to dyno for free again when I get the 7.5 PSI pulley on the car. *I'm hoping to do that today or early next week.

Car and modifications:
  • BMW E92 M3
  • ESS VT2-625 Supercharger @ 6.6 PSI boost (6.5 PSI pulley)
  • Fully catless
  • Dinan crosspipe
  • Encore Innovation titanium exhaust

  • Temparature: 62.10 degrees F
  • Atmospheric pressure: 30.00 inHg
  • Humidity: 19%
  • SAE Correction: 0.96
  • STD Correction: 0.99
  • Uncorrected: 1.00

  • SAE Corrected: *565whp @ 8300 RPM, 375wtq @ 7525 RPM. *6.6 PSI
  • STD Corrected: *582whp, 387wtq
  • Uncorrected: *590whp, 392wtq

Dyno Database entries:

Dyno Results for SAE Corrected:

Dyno Results for STD Corrected:

Dyno Results for Uncorrected:

Boost log analysis: 6.6 PSI

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