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Errors remaining after ABS Module Refurbished

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I was getting the trifecta of ABS/DSC lights on the dash along with a multitude of errors, so I sent my ABS module away to get refurbished. The unit was found to be faulty, so was fixed and tested by the company and sent back to me. On plugging the unit in, I had one light remaining, the DSC light in the centre of the instrument cluster.

I read the codes with INPA and have the following stored:


From some searching online I found that it may just need the steering angle sensor recalibrated, so I made sure the wheel was straight and then used TOOL32, ran the DSC57 group file and ran "Test_Lenkwinkel", which from my understanding is supposed to reset and write the calibration. TOOL32 reported that this ran successfully, however the errors still remain.

The car seems to have heavy steering as a symptom to this, whereas I'm pretty sure the steering was fine before this module was sent away. They returned the same unit also, so as far as im aware there shouldnt be any coding as such required again?

I had a look in INPA and I couldnt see any data being returned to the ABS module for the steering wheel angle when I was turning the steering wheel with the engine running.

Is the DSC module still potentially faulty or is there something else I need to do to clear these errors / calibrate this sensor?

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Try to code the DSC and LWS with NCS.
Try to code the DSC and LWS with NCS.
Thanks for your reply.

I have coded both the DSC and LWS using NCS Expert and the error still remained. Tried to clear the codes but they come straight back, exactly the same codes.

Interestingly the steering angle sensor looks to be reporting correctly using INPA and responds when I turn the steering wheel. The vehicle speed looks suspect though?

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Yes, and that ones comes from DSC unit... suspect it wasn't repaired correctly.
Yes, and that ones comes from DSC unit... suspect it wasn't repaired correctly.
Thanks for your help, dsc unit was found to be faulty and has been repaired. Lights went off after calibration of steering angle sensor.
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