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Any of these karts would be a perfect complement to driving your M5. The only thing that I enjoy more than driving my M5 is racing my shifter kart. It is time to move on to another hobby so it all must go. For the money there is nothing that can match the performance of a shifter kart. All of these karts are ready to race.

For Sale
1 2003 Birel Cr32 extended chassis with Leading Edge Preped S1 motor $4000.00 obo
1 2003 Birel CR32 extended Chassis with Swedetech S2 motor $4000.00 obo
1 2001 Birel with stock TM ICC motor $3500.00 obo
1 2004 Birel Chassis (with Birel factory extension) new still in box 50mm axel $3000.00 obo
Lots of spare engine parts (swedetech lower end, cylinder heads, ect)
Many Wheels and other parts too much to list. We are selling the whole team! We will separate! And have a trailer too. Email [email protected]
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