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engine oil shortage

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Last monday(27-3-00)i brought in the M5 for the 2000k/m oil change.
To my surprise the service manager tells me that he has no oil in stock and it is back order, with no date of availability.
In the mean time he his trying to get in touch with BMW CANADA.
The next day he phoned me and said that he would do the oil change using Castrol 5w40 synthetic oil the one recommended for the 540 model, by BMW CANADA .

When the Castrol rs10w60 becomes available he will dump the 5w40 and do another oil change.

One must keep in mind that this is a $100,000 car!!!
I did not expect these irritants to come with it.!!! (stick shift gear knob - engine oil shortage)
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Because the M5 engine drinks a lot of oil, especially during the first 5000 miles, it's best to have at least a quart of this oil in the boot. When an oil change should be made, I give the dealer all the required oil with the car, because than the oil costs me only a triple of the BMW price.
I went to my dealership today, because my engine oil was about 1.5 liters low... well, unlike previous times, they said oil was _not_ covered under the warrenty, except at scheduled oil changes, and I had to pay $12/liter for it. Which sucks, since BMWNA is the only place to get it in the US, as I understand it. I stocked up and got 4 anyway. One service agent said he had gotten in trouble with his manager for writing up the M5 oil on warrenty, because they weren't reimbursed for it from BMWNA. So, I guess there's a policy change going on here... probably 'cause the stuff's so expensive.

Oh, also michel I would recommend you get your dealer to use Castrol 10W50, which is fairly widely available in the US, and, I'm guessing, in Canada as well. I don't know any specifics, but it seems a closer match to the oil that 'should' be in the car. If 5W40 was OK for the M5, they'd use it always. I wouldn't chance it, especially since you're still in break-it....

Per BMW (via my dealer) ... ONLY Castrol RS 10W/60 can be used for oil changes. Up to 2 quarts of Mobil 1 can be used between oil changes for top-ups, if the Castrol is not available.
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