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Wondered if anyone was in a position to find out the following.

1. From what Engine Number was the revised piston ring fitted.

2. From what Engine Number was the revised Vanos System fitted.

We all know that supposedly cars with a build date of 03/2000 definately have the later piston ring design, and cars with a build date of 02/2000 "May have the later piston ring design fitted".........But surely BMW Must know from what engine number the later design was fitted.

The same goes for the revised Vanos System.....It's acknowledged that the revised system was fitted in 09/2000.........but of course there's a grey area for anyone who's car shows a build date that coincides with these dates.

Anyone in a position to give a definitive answer on either or both of these.........The Engine Number is the key to provide an accurate answer.

Ie : All engines after Engine Number .......... were fitted with....etc.

Anyone in a position to provide/research the accurate answers...???

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Is this just a curiosity, or is there something one can do with this info?

THere is also the high pressure VANOS accumulator. Changed in production, but also available and installed on many as a retrofit...

The problem with "build dates" is that these are based on the chassis- how BMW controlled component builds, specifically engine builds is unclear. I am sure BMW knows, lets see if anyone else does....

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I guess I'm not sure of what this actually means.

There are NO guarantees that you won't have the problem with a revised piece ... anything can fail, even new pieces. There is NO guarantee that you will have the problem with older pieces. (I have an early Porsche 911, that has had many versions of improvements, but I don't worry unless the part fails on MY car ... and, I am aware of my car(s) and their health).

If you have the problem and the syptoms, fix it. If you don't have any symptoms, DRIVE IT!

Yes, I am anal, too, but sometimes we obsess too much on items that aren't worth the time.

My $0.04 ...

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