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A couple of weeks ago the EML (SES) light lit up on my 2001 M5. I took the car into my local dealer and they read the fault codes for me. They said that they would need it in for longer diagnosis, I booked it in for ten days later as I was going on holiday. The technician said it may well just be a slight air leak.

The fault codes were:
90 Function, oxygen-sensor control, bank 1
72 Function, exhaust VANOS, bank 2
A2 Camshaft sensor, bank 2: synchronisation to crankshaft
0B Signal, camshaft sensor, exhaust, bank 2
AA Secondary-air quantity too low

The car drives perfectly with good performance and no misfiring.

Whilst on holiday I drove 800 miles with no problems, but the SES light came on for about 200 miles, then off for 200 miles, then on, etc.

I took the car in as planned, and they did some more diagnostics and the inpestion II that was due. They are now telling me that I need a pair of new MAFS and a camshaft sensor. They say that they did a VANOS test that showed no problems, and that they carried out an air flow meter test and found it 19.5 high.

Now the questions:
Is it likely that all three items would go at once?
If they all went would the performance be normal?
Is it worth trying to clean the MAFS?
What does 19.5 high mean on the air flow test?

I am reluctant to throw money at a problem whose only symptom seems to be a light on the dash.

Thanks for your help guys. :M5thumbs:
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