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Eisenmann Race + X Pipe performance effects

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Hi guys,

I've searched the forum many times about this, but I could not find a 100 % satisfied answer for me.
I'm going to buy a m6 coupé and I like the sound of the eisenmann race (the german not the korean meisterschaft) exhaust in combination with the supersprint x-pipe. I've watched a lot of youtube videos and it sounds amazing, but there's one great problem I've read about in some threads. this exhaust combination loses HP and torque, because there's not enough backpressure :sad3:

The m6 I'm going to buy is direct from a dealer, so I can't do some ECU for the exhaust components, without losing the warranty.

Have anybody of you some dyno facts, that shows me this combination loses or don't loses HP and torque? I won't spend my money in componets that slows my car down.

When I'm install the ss x-pipe must I delete the secondary cat? And how do the secondary cat delete acts of the performance? more loss in HP and torque or it's a gain of performance.

I don't know what I should do.

Greetings from germany,
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I'm waiting for the same thing Phil. I too have searched around and found mixed reviews, some say power loss, some say gain. I would love to X pipe my Eisenmann. The sound is amazing, but until credible info, I have to wait. I don't see how there would be power loss? Its just straight piping the resonator, which is essentially a mini muffler. I would think you would gain power by removing. Well, we'll see I guess :D
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