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Following several months of research, refinement and testing, I’m happy to announce that Sportsline Suspension are now able to offer all members of the M5 board a full rebuild service for their EDC suspension units

I’ve been asked a few times what sort of company Sportsline Suspension are, so with this in mind it’s probably worth me giving you a little bit of background information so you can better appreciate who you will be dealing with. Sportsline Suspension are a main UK Service and Sales agent for Koni products and the UK’s sole importer of Koni racing shocks. They have over 30 years of damper expertise, and in association with their technical partner QM Engineering provide a full range of services including full race and road car setup, suspension repair and replacement, reverse engineering of mechanical parts and production and machining of bespoke parts, all from their factory close to the Silverstone race circuit

Sportsline/QM have almost 100 years of combined racecar engineering experience in house, and have been involved in virtually all forms of racing from single seaters through to Le Mans winning prototype cars. This includes F3000, Touring Cars, Group C, Historic Group C, Historic Touring Cars and land speed record holders. Their reputation within the motorsport field has led to engineering work being commissioned by various F1 teams, Le Mans teams and many other specialist motorsport companies

Sportsline/QM have an impressive motorsport and road car service area, equipped with a full range of electronic diagnostic machinery and a Sun laser alignment machine. Their large on-site machine shop and a fabrication facility has produced everything from single prototype parts to complete cars

As you can see they are very well qualified to provide this service for us

What Sportsline Suspension will actually be supplying you with is a completely re-manufactured EDC unit, not just a re-sealed leg

The specification for each of the re-manufactured front EDC units will feature…

Piston rod (spindle) - Solid hard chrome plated steel
Piston rod seal and scraper- Turcon stepseal with scraper
Piston Coating - Turcon
Piston rod guide -Teflon Du Bush
Modified seal holder
New BMW bump rubber and boot
Koni 95 damper oil
Sand blasting and repainting of housing
Dyno testing and EDC electrical servo test

The cost per front unit will be £245 plus VAT

The specification for the re-manufactured rear EDC legs varies slightly as it has proved unnecessary to replace the main piston rod, but with that one exception (and obviously the lack of damper oil) the specification is the same as for the front units

The cost per rear unit will be £205 plus VAT

Each re-manufactured EDC leg will be covered by a 3 month / unlimited mileage warranty

Rather than just offering a straight swap as had been originally planned, this has now been expanded to offer a fuller, more practical range of services

There will now be 3 options available to you…

Option 1
Despite a couple of requests for old units to be sent to Sportsline to kick-start the service, this has unfortunately not resulted in any units being donated. So initially there are only 6 re-manufactured legs available which is obviously going to be frustrating if you are 10th in the queue. Therefore to give a faster initial service, Sportsline will be offering a 5 day turnaround service on your own EDC legs. If you (or your mechanic/garage) are able to remove your EDC units and send them to Sportsline, they will be re-manufactured and despatched back to you within 5 working days

Option 2
As originally proposed, a service where you can request a number of remanufactured EDC legs to be sent to you, your old units then being sent back to Sportsline ASAP for re-manufacture

Option 3
A drive-in, drive-out fitting service for the replacement of all 4 EDC units, including final set-up with 4 wheel laser alignment. This can either include…

A) Refitting your own springs and top-mounts (not recommended unless they are very low mileage)
B) Refitting new springs and top mounts supplied by Sportsline at BMW’s RRP
C) Refitting new springs and top mounts supplied by you

The cost for this service is £280 + VAT, plus the cost of the re-manufactured EDC units, plus the cost of springs/top mounts if Sportsline are supplying them. This service will also be available to replace either just the front or rear units, price on application

Although you can replace a single EDC leg, best practice dictates that fronts and/or rear units would be replaced as a balanced axle set. But ultimately this is a personal decision

So if you wish to go ahead, here’s what you do….

Option 1
Remove your EDC units from the car. It is best if you remove the springs before sending them off as this will significantly reduce the postage cost and Sportsline need them bare. However, if you don’t have access to a spring compressor, they can be sent up as complete units. Include a note of your contact details and a contact phone number so you can be contacted for payment. Payment will be by Credit or Debit card for UK orders, although PayPal, Cash or Cheques are ok too (cheques will have to clear before goods are despatched). For foreign orders, direct Bank transfer will probably be the easiest and cheapest payment method, although Credit Cards or PayPal are also an option

It will probably be worthwhile to get some feedback in this thread about the cheapest and fastest way to get the units to Sportsline, I have personally used Parcelforce (cheap but not great service) but there are many other companies out there. When you’ve chosen your courier, despatch your EDC legs to…

Sportsline Suspension Limited
The Technical Centre
Unit 1, Glebe Farm
NN13 5JE

And wait to be contacted by them for payment. After that your re-manufactured legs will be despatched back to you within 5 business days

Option 2
The system will work on trust, Sportsline will send you out the requested number of re-manufactured EDC units so you only need to strip your car once to remove and re-fit the legs in one operation. But in order to keep things rolling they obviously need your old units back ASAP (within 48 hours) or the whole operation will grind to a halt as it’s your old units that will be used to supply the next guy. Therefore, please do not request any dampers until you are ready to change them. If this is abused then an additional £100+ per leg deposit will be required which you get back when your old units are returned. Hopefully this won’t be necessary to implement…

To order EDC units…

• E-mail Jon at [email protected] , tell him where you are so he can work out transport costs and what you need (2 fronts, 2 rears, full set etc). Sportsline can also send you fully built up legs with new springs and top mounts, if you require this then itemise you require in your email and include the last 7 characters of your car’s VIN (i.e. GE00399) so the correct springs can be ordered.

• Jon will then e-mail you back telling you the timescale (effectively where you are in the queue) and giving you a total cost

• Pay Sportsline using your chosen method (Jon will give you the payment details in his E-mail)

• Receive your units, fit them and send your old bare units back ASAP (within 48 hours at the latest)

Every effort has been made to keep the cost as low as possible, one of the ways that this is being achieved is to try and make this process as seamless as possible by putting a system in place which means Jon won’t need to be on the phone every 5 minutes discussing things. There should be no need for you to contact Sportsline at all, just stick to the instructions above and you will receive what you have asked for.

Option 3
As with Option 2, this service is dependant on Sportsline having units in stock ready to go. E-mail Jon at [email protected] , tell him you want to come in for a fitting service, tell him what you require (2 units, 4 units, with new springs etc) and he will work out a price and installation date for you. If you require Sportsline to supply and fit new springs, remember to include your car’s VIN in the email

Well, that’s it folks, it’s taken a lot of time and effort to get things to this stage but it’s finally ready to roll. Please respect the system and play by the rules to make the whole process as smooth as possible. For new guys who’d like to know a bit of the background leading up to this thread, read HERE

And I’d repeat my earlier request once again, if anyone has any spare units that they can donate to the cause then PLEASE get them over to Jon ASAP to speed the whole process up for everyone…

Enjoy :)

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...Is there likely to be a service for SLS rears as well?
Thanks for reminding me, I meant to cover this in the main post

There's no reason why SLS rears can't be rebuilt too, initially on a rebuild-yours basis, but if someone would like to donate some old SLS units they can then be offered on an exchange basis too, the same as the EDC legs

The price would be the same as the rear EDC's, £205 plus VAT each
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