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Has anyone repaired a broken wire in the EDC control cable?
I located the break, but trying to decide between cutting the cable and re-splicing all 3 wires, or somehow trying to repair just the broken wire. The break is very close to the Y split before the coils.

I am leaning toward cutting the cable, re-splicing all 3 wires, and sealing up the splice with double-wall heatshrink tubing. But maybe someone has thought of a better way to do this?

I received my rebuilt struts from Nagengast and they look great!
As a precaution I decided to test the wiring and coils before installation.
At first everything looked fine, but after a LOT of retesting one of the cables started to show an intermittent break.

The wire must have been weak but good enough to pass during the rebuild.
Nagengast was willing to repair the cable but I'd rather just do it myself and avoid the time/hassle/expense of shipping from Canada.
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