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Hi friends,

Since october 2004, my car, a B3 3.3 Coupe Sw form 04.2000, was experiencing intermitent and annoying electronic problems, all of them related to the MDK (Motordroselklape), that sended fault messages to the ECU, then the car running in fault mode,...., nice, only 1200 rpm available!!

For me it seemed a problem on the conector between the MDK and the engine compartement wiring, because if I disconected and reconected the MDK to the wiring, the car worked okay for several days, sometimes only for a few minutes.

Do you guess what was the solution from Alpina????' Yes, they have superseeded the original BMW MDK for a new MDK with the conector wired permanently to the MDK, so I needed to cut and paste to the existing wiring..... and they said it wasn't under guarantee.... so I must pay foir the new coments. grrrrrrr

Okay, my car is now 5 years old, but for me it was obvious that it was a problem that they have under guarantee....

Any other lister with the same problem?
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