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EBAY BMW TIS & ETK for $9.99 ?? Is this for Real?

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Well, I'm High Bidder for 2 I have read some previous feedback and another person who bought the same thing praised him.

There Seems to be more info than on paper manual which sells for $120

>> - Ebay offering - <<

p.s. if you bid, bid on one of the sellers other auctions for the same disk... lol

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We all would appreciate your comments concerning the disk you bought on eBay.
I bought the disks from another source on eBay sometime ago for $10 and they wouldn't load. The seller was totally non responsive to my inquiry so I put the stink on the guy through eBay's feedback page to make me feel a little better.
I tossed the disks and haven't thought about it until I read your post.
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