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Early M5 in Dubai

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Hi Guys,

I just placed a deposit with Exotic Cars on a black M5, silver grey leather, first registered August 2005 showing only 19k on the clock. Service history with AGMC looks genuine. Just wondered as there are a few UAE members here if anyone knows anything about the car. As far as I can tell car seems standard. Should pick it up early next week.

One other question. How early a model is this? ie when were the first cars registered?

Thanks a lot.
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take it to AGAMC and make sure it has a service history and see when was the last time went there ., very strange to find a 2005 M5 with 19K on the clock and it's very easy an cheap to reduce it in Sharjah ..

August 2005 is the first run M5 E60 cars ..

good luck ..

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Hi ehssan,

Thanks for the feedback, just picked up the car today after couple of weeks of hassle sorting out banks. She's awesome. Meanwhile I checked out the history with AGMC and all seems to be OK, the main dealer in Dubai has all the history on it's computer and the dates check, seems the first owner drove the car very little. I hope the fact that he had one of the first Dubai cars means he was fairly wealthy and had several cars (common in Dubai as i'm sure you know !!!). Anyway aside from the confirmation from AGMC, the condition of the bodywork and interior is consistent with the very low mileage for the cars age. Just a couple more questions:

1) You mention the Sharjah rewinding mileage. Presumably then they can also take the speed limiter off? Any contact details you have I would appreciate.

2) A general question to the forum, just how early is an August '05 model. From reading the forum this car was delivered before some Northern European countries got ANY M5s. What were the earliest cars delivered in UK, USA, Germany etc........


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