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So I have E92 for comunting daily. But you know, during the commuter time, I often get traffic jams. Whenever that time, I'd perfer to listen to some music from the car strereo.

The sound quality is just average. Some of my tech friends recommend me to upgrade the car stereo system from Xtrons, Alpine, Sony etc. Thinking that it is too complicated to install it myself, I was reluctant at the begining.

After a few weeks, I made up my mind to give it a try finally. I got the brand new Xtrons BS9019UN online. I quickly look at the user manual to remove the E92 factory head unit and simply plug in the new stereo. I can say that it is pretty easy.

Just plug and play, no need to cut any cable.

By doing that, my car stereo sounds much better and I got lots bonus feaures like big screen, dual wifi and so on.

With the good experience, I am going to buy more aftermarket items for my car. Undoubtedly, I am very satisifed with it.
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