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I am pure PM fan however after buying my e64 only thing I have received is trouble.
I think it wasn't looked after so appreciate if you can let me know whether you would get rid of it or keep it .

Here it goes:

car has 107k on clock and it is 645ci with loads of receipt and history . I bought it 3 month ago.
I however thing history was faked even though they are from multiple sources as car maintenance has been appaling.

Gearbox gave error which I partially fixed so that is not my concern.
My main concern is engine. I changed sparks to NGK and bought it from GSF in the UK to ensure they are not fake.
I did it as car seemed to have misfire. it seemed old bosch plugs were not changed and they had done 107k !

anyway, I started to see engine error stating mixture adaption limit reached on both banks so I bought set of injectors, had them ultra soniclly cleaned and tested.

I installed them and now car vibrates as hell and checking inpa, roughness on cylinder 8 , 1 and 2 is high.
I keep getting engine light on with no codes. I did however start to receive code after I flushed ecu with winkfp to daten v65.

it states misfire on cylinder 8 and sometime on 1 and 2.

So next, I thought maybe old injectors were clogged and spray pattern was skewed and as a result of me installing a clean injector, it is highlighting coil problem as coil spark is no longer good enough for the strong spray pattern. Maybe I am wrong here!

So did reserarch and found out delphi is recommended coil for bmw and bought 8 . I have received 2 so far as rest is on back order .

I changed 2 on cylinder 1 and 2( left bank facing front of the car and close to the radiator ). I should say I only saw errors after ecu flush which was after swapping coil 1 and 2.

So here me sitting down and thinking , cylinder 1 and 2 have new plugs, new coil and cleaned injector so why the hell are they showing up as misfiring and on inpa shown to have high rough number.

I then flushed vvt and egs ( gearbox) and readjusted vvt lift to 0.8 which has improved things but car shakes as hell on idle.

I really hope it is because I need to change coil 3 to 8 and reason I am seeing high engine roughness value on inpa for 1 and 2 is because they are working strongly as coil and injector is fine however all other cylinder have bad coil so car is highlighting perfectly fine cylinder as having issues.

I might be going mad here and want your thought please.

It seems car has not been looked after and in 1600 miles has lost around 1 liter of oil. I do know and think it has valve cover leak but think it shouldn't be that much.

I am also very worried as I can hear knocking noise which seems like spun bearing on one cylinder on idle. it goes away or i can't hear it on higher rev so it is me thinking it is vanos or normal.

Would you think this car is dammed and should be sold or would you keep it ?

I know if bmw is not well looked after, they will put a hole in your pock
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