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M6 Forever said:
Here, we have two main taxes which are part of the Aust$270,000: Goods & Services Tax (GST), and Luxury Car Tax (LCT). The LCT is the significant component, which is 25% on every dollar above about Aust$57,000 (this threshold can change, and LCT is applied to the excess dollar net of GST). LCT is pure nonesense, as we are already paying a 10% GST before the LCT. It's there just to raise more revenue (grrrrrrr) . Almost all dealers quietly acknowleadge that in many models, the government makes more money than they do, especially on the top of the line models, where LCT simply takes over.

Then there are smaller state taxes (i.e. depending on which state you buy and register) and dealer delivery charges (grrrrrrr ), which are therefore not included in the Aust$270,000.

The good news is I think the M6 will have virtually everything standard (which is the case with the M5, and almost the case with the 645Ci). So anymore spend will depend on Individual requirements.
Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. Very informative. Here in Germany we only pay a 16% VAT.
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