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I am trying to sell my 2006 BMW M6.
-Space gray metalic
-black leather
-2 owners
-1st owner was female exectuive that daily drove it to work for 35k miles
-As the 2nd owner I used it as my weekend car and for 3 hour drives to my lake house. I own a large tire retail and auto service company so the car was meticulously maintained. Any major services (anything beyond fluid changes and tires) were done at BMW dealerships, most recently at Plaza Motors in St. Louis Missouri. September 2010, Plaza made the car like new by running a diagnostic test and updating many things like software, new spark plugs, new ignition coils, etc. (all covered under factory warranty). I can fax the invoice upon request.
-Launch control has never been used
-this car has never been on a track or abused
-there is a blemish on the front fender, but it is only on top of the 3m cover and caused no damage to the car or paint.
- has transferable 3rd party extended warranty up to 75k miles/ July 2012.
Please see my listing on 2006 BMW M6, $42,000 -

-additional and better pictures can be taken and sent to interested buyers

-Thank you
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