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I have a problem reading the oil level on my 2005 (Euro 12/2004) E60M5 (with CCC and without CCC oil menu, only the dash indicator).

Issue : always displaying 1.5Lt and no orange bar = theoretically level to low

I changed the oil sensor and changed oil and filter (9.3 Lt as per service notice printed out of BMW service computer) and it did not change my problem: reading still the same and oil level correct.

Today BMW run a diagnostic test on the oil sensor which returned no fault.
Then they run a measurement that returned an oil level of 68.2mm (car idling and hot). I suppose this will equate to 9.3 Lt as I only rode about 100km since the oil change.
The diagnostic computes indicates in the comments that the engine needs a minimum of 18mm equal to 5.5 Lt to be started without damage.

As we can't figure out the reason why the sensor producing a good reading is not showing up as such on the dash indicator, I am wondering if someone here has a table that lists oil measurements in mm and the equivalent Lt volume (this way I can periodically have BMW read the level and decide if more oil is needed)?

Thanks in advance for your tips and tricks.


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