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Please let me know if you find a better DIY for any of the below, either here or on an external site. New DIYs are always welcome.

Find part numbers: RealOEM

Full free service manual:

Summary of Mike Miller’s Old School Maintenance Schedule (not specific to E60 M5)
(Email Mike Miller for the full writeup: techtalk [at]
- Brake fluid: Every 1-2 years
- Engine coolant: Every 2 years (50/50 mix of BMW anti-freeze + distilled water)
- Engine oil/filter: Every 7,500 miles (Castrol TWS Motorsport 10W-60)
- Engine air filter: Inspect every 15,000 miles, replace every 15,000-30,000
- Cabin air filter: Inspect every 15,000 miles, replace every 15,000-30,000
- Power steering fluid: every 30,000 miles (Pentosin CHF 11.S)
- Transmission oil (SMG & 6MT): every 30,000 miles (MTF-LT-2 or Red Line MTL)
..........(Note: This does not refer to the hydraulic fluid for the SMG pump, which is the same as the power steering fluid - CHF 11S)
- Differential oil: every 30,000 miles (Castrol SAF-XJ or Red Line 75W-140)
- Spark plugs: every 30,000-60,000 miles (stick with OEM but Amazon has them cheap)
- Fuel filter: every 60,000 miles
- Engine drive belts: every 60,000 miles
- O2 sensors: 150k miles (or just wait for it to trip a CEL)
- Water/fuel hoses: 150k miles
- Rod bearings: As early as 50k miles (see here)

Oil change: E60 M5 Maintenance Thread
- thanks Black Hawk

Oil change 2 [pics dead]: E60 M5 - DIY Oil Change - Step-by-Step w/Pictures [pic links dead]
- thanks jfenley

Brake fluid flush: BMW Brake Fluid Change:
- thanks Killer-Bimmer (PDF saved here if external link breaks:

Transmission fluid flush: DIY: Transmission fluid flush
- thanks Clyde and WallyM5 (original reference thread: Oil/fluid leakage from gearbox!)

Differential fluid flush: DIY: - Rear Differential Fluid Change
- thanks SoCaLE39

Differential fluid flush 2: E60 M5 Maintenance Thread
- thanks Black Hawk

Power steering fluid flush (regular E60): Power Steering Flush - - Forums
- thanks Inferno

Spark plug replacement: BMW E60 M5 DIY: Spark Plug Replacement
- thanks mdyaman and dkz (original thread with broken DIY: e60 M5 Spark Plug & Air Filter DIY w/ Pics (Good Resource for DIY-ers))

Spark plug/coil replacement: OKD Okada/Plasma Direct coil on our E60 M5
- thanks STM5

Air filter replacement: BMW E60 M5 DIY: Air Filter Replacement
- thanks mdyaman (reference thread: e60 M5 Spark Plug & Air Filter DIY w/ Pics (Good Resource for DIY-ers))
- Dinan air filter replacement: DIY: - DINAN Air Intake Filter Removal

Fuel filter/sending unit replacement: DIY: - Fuel Filter step by step DIY
- thanks mdyaman

Brake rotor/pad/sensor change: DIY: Front Brake Rotor, Pad, and Sensor Replacement
- thanks f1lmmaker
Brake pad change:
- thanks Badr and Clyde

Drive belt/pulley replacement: DIY: - Drive Belts / Idler Pulley / Tensioner Pulley - REPLACEMENT
- thanks FastHackem

Cabin air filter replacement: BMW 5 Series (E60, E61) 2004-2010 - Cabin microfilter fresh air filter DIY, how to - YouTube
- also: Fixing Stuff: Replacing BMW E60 Microfilter (cabin air filter)
- thanks sigsegv (reference thread: Replacing Micro Filter)

Service interval reset via OBC: Reset Oil/Microfilters/Service/etc with Pictures!
- thanks celicatoe46m3

Rod bearing replacement
: D.I.Y. and Product Instructions | German Auto Solutions
- thanks GAS-Man

Throttle body cleaning: DIY - Throttle Body Removal and Cleaning - With Images
- thanks duhmingus

Throttle actuator motor replacement: DIY: - Replacing throttle actuator motor with pics
- thanks vataam5

Replace VANOS solenoids: DIY - Changing the S85 VANOS solenoids
- thanks anzafin
(see here for additional VANOS info: S85 Vanos Adjustment Unit Replacement DIY Question)

Alternator removal/replacement: E60 M5 Alternator Removal Instructions DIY
- thanks Euroskeptik

Rear window cover/seal: E60 BMW M5 Rear Window Cover Replacement DIY - YouTube
- thanks mcw331 (reference thread: DIY: Replacing Rear Window Cover)

Windshield trim replacement (E63): DIY: - Windshield trim replacement
- thanks Clyde

Voltage regulator: FYI: E60 M5 S85 Valeo Voltage Regulator for Alternator
- thanks latinskllz

Radiator/Cooling system: E60 M5 Alternator Removal Instructions DIY
- thanks Euroskeptic

Battery replacement: DIY: - 2008 E60 M5 Battery Replacement
- thanks Tottifan

New battery registration: DIY: - Battery Registration and DIY: - New battery registration in DIS
- thanks dave t (E63 forum) and Sophie

Steering angle sensor (SZL) cleaning: Steering angle sensor DIY fix - it worked
- thanks shuriki and g_force_alt (reference thread: Steering angle sensor DIY fix - it worked)

MAF sensor removal/cleaning: DIY: - MAF Sensor Removal & Cleaning
- thanks mdyaman

Access/repair windshield wiper fluid reservoir: Leaking Windshield washer reservoir - Bimmerfest - BMW Forums
- thanks mdyaman (reference thread: How to access windshield washing reservoir)

Pre-Cat O2 sensor replacement: DIY: - Pre-Cat O2 Sensors Replacement
- thanks douglas_ngo

Pre-Cat O2 sensor replacement 2: Project log: M5 - Flat Eric Edition (post #277)
- thanks anzafin

Themostat replacement: Anyone have a DIY for Thermostat Change?
- thanks vantaam5, PRM5 and tkhater

Remove transmission (from ISTA): DIY: Remove & Install Transmission
- thanks WallyM5

SMG pump relay replacement:
Note: The SMG pump relay is black on the E6x M cars, NOT salmon.

DIY: - SMG Pump Relay replacement Do it Yourself! - thanks cobratom (also see here from B767capt: Anyone have the part number on the smg hydraulic pump relay?)

SMG hydraulic pump motor replacement: SMG Hyd Motor DIY
- thanks B767capt
Note: see Clutch job below for a how-to overhaul the motor.

SMG pump motor overhaul: DIY: - SMG motor refresh + clutch valve o-ring success

SMG gear position sensor wiring harness fix: SMG III Gear Sensor Strip Rebuild

SMG and clutch overhaul: List of part numbers and 'things to do' while in there:
Smg problems need help

SMG repair/replacement pictorial: Trans. fault! Drive moderately + pics
- thanks ///power

SMG hydraulic fluid flush: SMG flush

Clutch replacement 1 (for E63): BMW M6/M5 E60 - E63 Clutch DIY + Transmission Removal + Pics.
- thanks Q.

Clutch replacement 2: E60 m5 clutch flywheel replacement
- thanks Niner49

DIS Clutch adaptation: DIY: - DIS Clutch Adaptation DIY with screenshots
- thanks Inferno

Charcoal filter removal: Charcoal Filter Removal - Step-by-Step (w/Pictures)
- thanks Jfenley

Scoops (RPI): Race Precision Forums • View topic - RPi e60 M5/530/545 Ram Air Intake Installation Instructions
- thanks RPI

Block off plates: Race Precision Forums • View topic - E60/E63 Ram Air Box - Block Off Plate/Plug Installation
- thanks RPI

Scoops/filters (aFe): DIY - Scoops, Drop-in filters & Intake Tube Couplers
- thanks [email protected]

Oil cooler: Race Precision Forums • View topic - RPi M5 Oil Cooler Install Instructions
- thanks RPI

DME/ECU removal: Race Precision Forums • View topic - E60 M5 DME/ECU Removal Instructions
- thanks RPI

Sprint booster install: BMW Sprint Booster Installation - Bavarian Autosport - YouTube
- thanks Fumanstu (reference thread: DIY: - Sprint Booster Diy ?)

Pulley install: Race Precision Forums • View topic - RPi Pulley Kit Installation - M5/M6
- thanks RPIpower (reference thread: Pulley install, DIY?)

Spring install 1 (front/rear for E63): DIY lowering spring installation
- thanks survyor2 (E63 forum)

Spring install 2: Advice on installing aftermarket springs?
- thanks ktan

Spring install 3: Eibach springs & spacers pictorial, including install
- thanks stunt

Spring install 4: DIY: - Thoughts post Eibach Spring install
- thanks supark

Bolt replacement after spring install: WARNING! All owners with lowering springs or modified suspension. ACTION REQUIRED if incorrectly installed!
- thanks V10PWR

SMG Euro software flash: Euro SMG flash summary

Nitrous Oxide (NOS) controller wiring: DIY: - HOW TO: Nitrous Oxide Controller Wiring for 2006-2010 BMW M6
- thanks rocket5979

Short-throw shifter install: DIY: - Short Shifter DIY.
- thanks Infamous Q

Headlight height adjustment [pics dead]: 2006 M5 - Vertical Headlight Aiming
- thanks Kegger and jseter

Headlight removal/replacement: BMW E60 angel eyes replacement installation right side - YouTube
- thanks m5Dreamin (reference thread: detailed guide to change the m5 angel eye bulb?)

Angel eye/daytime running light replacement: Quick replace of the daytime running lamp - BMW 5 series - YouTube
- thanks mdyaman

Taillight removal/replacement: DIY LCI taillight retrofit - 5 Series Forums
- thanks mdyaman (reference thread: brake lights)

Kidney grill removal: How to remove and install new kidney and side grills?
- thanks avlynch

Side grill removal: How to remove e60 M5 side vent - YouTube
- thanks wstxoutlaw (reference thread: side grill removal : searched)

Roundel replacement: Product Installation Tutorial: BMW Roundel Upgrades - YouTube
- thanks Jlevi_SW (reference thread: DIY Install Video : LED Sidemarker Lenses)

Painting brake calipers: Painted My Calipers...
- thanks zerocks1 (E63 forum)

Replace lower side mirror cover: How To: CF lower mirror cover install
- thanks ///Pete

LED side turn signal: DIY LED Side Signal BMW M5 E60 Do It Yourself
- thanks V10PWR

LED side turn signal_2: DIY Install Video : LED Sidemarker Lenses
- thanks [email protected]_SW

All red tail lights: DIY: All Red Taillights
- thanks MTV10

LED license plate lights: LED XENON License Plate Light Installation Instructions for E60 M5
- thanks V10PWR

Door pathway/puddle light upgrade: DIY: - Logo Puddle/Welcome Lights
- thanks Tottifan

Remove airbag warnings from visor [no pics]: Destickered M5 - removing airbag warning stickers
- thanks Wolverine

Interior trim carbon fiber wrap (pre LCI): Jlevi SW | Dinoc Carbon Fiber Wrap DIY Guide For E60
- thanks Jlevi SW

Aluminum pedals: DIY: Aluminum Racing Pedals
- thanks ttribe

Shift knob replacement (6MT): DIY - Installation of a ZHP Shift Knob
- thanks OldM6guy (E63 forum)

E-brake handle replacement: DIY Carbon Fiber E-Brake Handle Replacement
- thanks OldM6guy (E63 forum)

Steering wheel trim replacement: DIY: Install Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim
- thanks Clyde (E63 forum)

Steering wheel trim replacement 2: Removal & fitting of E60 lower trim cover - MY MOTIV BMW
- thanks rittiman (reference thread: Anyone replace SMG paddle ?)

SMG shift paddle replacement: DIY: - Shift Paddle Replacement
- thanks Clyde (E63 forum)

SMG plate removal/replacement:
- thanks petesamprs

Squeaky side bolster repair: Squeaky Active Seating Bolster
- thanks CBarton and OzMosis

Heads-Up Display height adjustment: BMW E60 Heads Up Display Adjustment
- thanks Turner Motorsports

Cupholder removal/replacement: BMW, Cup Holder, Can Holder, Replacement, DIY Do It Yourself and Save Money E60 5 Series - YouTube
- thanks mdyaman

Steering wheel restoration: DIY: - Leather Steering Wheel Restoration
- thanks SoCaLE39

Thigh Support Extension Motor Repair: Thigh Support Actuator
- thanks rt7085

V1 hardwire (tap passenger footwell cigarette lighter) + Concealed display: Valentine V1 Install w Remote Audio Adapter and Concealed Display - With Pic's!
- thanks rlpM5

V1 hardwire (tap sunroof wiring): radardet - 5 Series Forums

Coding/software tweaks [E60 forum]: DIY: - Coding your M5
- thanks bowtie17

Coding/software tweaks 2 [E63 forum]: DYI _Coding the E63-E64 *Updated 02-21-2011
- thanks zerocks1

Laser jammer install: DIY Lidatek installation on a M5 E60 (PDF and pics)
- thanks Gustav

iPod MOST adapter: DIY IPod MOST Adapter Install in 2006 M5
- thanks mcw331

Auxiliary input install (for early model E60s): DIY: auxiliary input E60
- thanks bimma328

Center channel speaker replacement (E63): M6 Center Channel Speaker Replace DIY
- thanks whatheheck and KILLZBUGZ (reference thread: M5 Center Speaker Upgrade (DIY Link) HQ)

Diversity antenna amplifier replacement: Diversity Amplifier Replacement - - Forums
- thanks mdyaman

2010 CIC install (updated NAV): 2010 CIC install in 2006 M5 Pictorial
- thanks stunt

E60 M5 aftersales manual

Alignment specs: Alignment Specs and Shock Specs for E60 M5, many of us wanted this!
- thanks bmw1986

Torque tightening specs (NOTE: this is for older BMWs; may not apply for E60/S85 engine in all cases):
- thanks mdyaman

Fuse Diagram (E63): M6 Fuse Lay Out
- thanks Clyde and whatheheck (E63 forum)

Check control messages (E92): DIY: - Check Control Guide
- thanks mdyaman

Access hidden NAV menu: Screenshots of the hidden/secret menu [access to GPS speed too]
- thanks scoopz

Wiring diagram (general E60): WDS BMW Wiring Diagram System - 5 E60 E61

Find a local indy: BMW Repair Shops- Find a BMW Mechanic |

Owner’s manual: Owner's Manual - BMW North America

DISCLAIMER: In most cases these DIYs are not written by professionals. Undertake these projects at your own risk.

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I made this document when replacing the clutch slave cylinder. It covers replacement of that part as well as transmission removal, clutch release bearing, and some other parts along the way. It does not cover clutch and flywheel replacement. This document has tightening torques, part numbers, and bolt sizes/tools required for each step. Sorry for no software instructions. Any errors/omissions let me know and I will make corrections.


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