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Have a problem and wondered if I could get any info on here. I bought an M5 and it had a fault on it. I got it diagnosed and it was a EDC module failure for which BMW wanted £700 to replace. Obviously just buying the car this was a hard pill to swallow.

I went on ebay and bought a second hand unit which I fitted myself. Immediately the fault code went away and as much thought this would fix the problem.

Since then the car is behaving very strange. It drives sometimes perfect and other times it drives as if there is no suspension at all, to the point where it feels unstable and dangerous(hitting a bump in the road makes the steering wheel twitch to whichever side i hit the bump).

Now my question is would this be due to the fact that I need to get the EDC module coded to my car/software version? Or is this another fault all together.

Any info would be appreciated, just dont want to pay the extortion bmw charges if this is something i can do myself or get done elsewhere at a reasonable price

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