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Ok So there i was with the Parrot kit and steering wheel controls... it was mediocre to say the least... for it to work i had to be listening to a cassette... or radio. All because of the dsp... i googled and googled in the end gave up.

So i started looking down the bimmernav route. Looked a lovely well detailed kit... HOWEVER it also looked like it was going to break the bank.

At this point i was going to give up until i found a post about a guy with an e46 m3 he'd managed to retrofit for a similar cost as the Parrot with the steering controls. With his permission you will find below his guide slightly modified for our cars (both equipped with bm24, bm24w/dsp, bm53, bm54)
Good Luck ;-)

Firstly... you will need:

From your local Audi Dealer (can not get from BMW as they only sell as part of a loom0
54 Pin connector £2.92+vat ($5-6) Audi Dealer - Audi p/n 4e0-972-144

Pins for connector £3.50 (yes £3.50 per bit of wire!!!!) ($6) ea (x6 = £21+vat ($35.00ish) Audi Dealer - Audi p/n 000-979-010

From eBay:
A BMW/Mini Bluetooth ULF GEN 3 and above (if for iphone the later the better... the best are GEN 13 for iphone however my gen11 works well with it) Also GEN3 up can be coded for VR... I Picked mine up for £80

For BM24 (with and with dsp) eBay SOT-060 Harness £10. For BM54 eBay SOT-076 Harness £10
A Pair Button... (any button will do £1-£4)

Leads (Mic & Switch)-----£4.49 ($10), used 2.5mm speaker lead. (as they don't have to carry any high volages, I thought this would be OK, and it seems to work OK).
From BMW:
Bluetooth Antenna, BMW p/n 84-50-6-928-461, £15.37
FARKA ULF to Antenna, BMW p/n 61-12-6-912-541, £19.50
Microphone, BMW p/n 84-31-6 938-762, £19.54 (saloon/coupe only)
Microphone Cover, BMW p/n 51-44-8 250-108, £2.38
You will also need the plug that goes into the Mic from BMW cant find P/N Atm (£3)

Ok Now the shopping is done...

Lets get onto making the loom... You will need... some patience... some solder... some heat shrink (i suppose you could use insulation or gaffa tape if you are lazy) a soldering iron.

Right Below are the pinout mappings you need to solder together for your relevant unit... so from your harness tap these wires in from the ulf plug:

BM24 - Main, 17 Pin Quadlock Connector

X18126-4----------------------- MUTE -----------------------PIN 51 ULF****
X18126-15----------------------- GND ------------------------PIN 36 ULF
X18126-9----------------------- +12 V Perm----------------PIN 17 ULF
X18126-5----------------------- +12 V Switched------------PIN 35 ULF

X18126-7------------------------ I-BUS -----------------------PIN 15 ULF
X18126-10----------------------- TEL ON ---------------------PIN 33 ULF****

BM24 - Small, 12 pin connector (C Btm right)
X01037 or X13321-8---------------------- Tel Audio Out + --------------PIN 37 ULF****
X01037 or X13321-3--------------------- Tel Audio Out - --------------PIN 38 ULF****

Extras, MIC:

MIC + ----------------------------------------------------------PIN 1 ULF
MIC - ----------------------------------------------------------PIN 19 ULF
MIC Shield-----------------------------------------------------PIN 21 ULF

GND-----------------------(Pairing switch)--/ ----------------PIN 32 ULF

**** - If you are running DSP - You also need to tap 18pin dsp plug. In my case there were wires already in the plug so i just spliced in.
DSP Pins:
DSP-13------------------------MUTE------------------------PIN 51 ULF
DSP-15------------------------TEL ON----------------------PIN 33 ULF
DSP-11---------------------- Tel Audio Out + --------------PIN 37 ULF**
DSP- 2----------------------- Tel Audio Out - --------------PIN 38 ULF**
Whilst with the MUTE and TEL ON id recommend splicing into the BM24 harness still DO NOT with the Audio + and - or you will have no sound!!!


BM54 - Main, 16 Pin Quadlock Connector

X13646-10----------------------- MUTE -----------------------PIN 51 ULF
X13646-12----------------------- GND ------------------------PIN 36 ULF
X13646-15----------------------- +12 V Perm----------------PIN 17 ULF
X13646-16----------------------- +12 V Switched------------PIN 35 ULF

X13646-9------------------------ I-BUS -----------------------PIN 15 ULF
X13646-11----------------------- TEL ON ---------------------PIN 33 ULF

BM54 - Small, 12 pin connector (C Btm right)
X13649-6---------------------- Tel Audio Out + --------------PIN 37 ULF
X13649-12--------------------- Tel Audio Out - --------------PIN 38 ULF

Extras, MIC:

MIC + ----------------------------------------------------------PIN 1 ULF
MIC - ----------------------------------------------------------PIN 19 ULF
MIC Shield-----------------------------------------------------PIN 21 ULF

GND-----------------------(Pairing switch)--/ ----------------PIN 32 ULF

So Once you have made your Loom up you need to Mount your Mic... in mine i had a detachable panel and cut the hole with a blade.

Right time to plug the Loom and ULF in... if you plug it in now before chasing any wires to the front, when you turn the ignition you should have a telephone option now... if you have you're good to proceed.

Ok now this is your own choice, but when i chased my wires through, i didnt go down the carpet route. I dropped the headlining and ran around the edge. That way i was in the right area for the mic as well. I also mounted the Receiver behind the passenger sun-visor which seem ideal. I put the button in the glove box as i could easily run the wire down the A-Pillar and straight in. Obviously you do this how you like i'm just sharing my example.

Once all is in and plugged in, you should be good to pair your phone:

1. Depress the send /receive
(pairing) button located in the
center console, for at least 1
second prior to switching on the
ignition and continue to hold the
button down for approximately 2-
3 seconds after the ignition is
turned on.
2. Release the button.
3. Shortly after releasing the button on the Radio or Display Screen, the
following message should be displayed:
• “Bluetooth Pairing” display
which indicates that the ULF is
searching for available
BluetoothTM devices.
• Green, Yellow and Red LEDs
on the right side of the unit are
flashing which indicates that
the ULF is waiting for a signal
from the BluetoothTM device to
be paired.
• “BT Pairing” display which
indicates that the ULF is
searching for available
BluetoothTM devices.
4. Activate the search function of the phone as indicated below.
1. Locate the connection/settings menu and select BluetoothTM.
2. Select the response that will activate the BluetoothTM feature of the phone.
3. Next select a menu option that will allow you to “Discover” or “Search” for
active BluetoothTM devices.
4. If the phone identifies/finds a device (named “BMW” followed by 5 digits)
select it and follow the indicated steps to complete the pairing process.
5. Once the phone is successfully paired to the device cycle the vehicle
ignition switch off and back on and the devices should wirelessly connect
within 30 seconds. When the connection is established the phone will
display a connection symbol.
The following steps are an example of the pairing procedure that must be initiated
to pair the Sony Ericsson T68i phone to the ULF Control Module.
1. Press the menu button.
2. Select “Connect”.
3. Select option 3: “Bluetooth”.
4. Select option 4: “Options”.
5. Select option 1: “Operation mode” and set to “On” or “Automatic”.
6. Go back one step by pressing the red phone button several times.
7. Select option 3: “Discover”.
8. Mobile phone display shows ‘Searching’
9. Select “BMW ……” in upcoming list.
10. Select option 1: “Add to paired”.
11. Enter the password (= ULF passkey) located on ULF Control Module that is
in the rear of the vehicle or on the Passkey Reference Card.
• Mobile phone display shows ‘BMW …… Pairing’
• Mobile phone display shows ‘Pairing Successful’
• Display screen shows ‘Pairing succeeded’ for 3 seconds
12. Enter device name or accept the name that is automatically displayed.
13. Mobile phone display shows “Added to paired devices”.
14. Exit menu by pressing the red phone/NO button.
15. Once the phone is successfully paired to the device cycle the ignition
switch off and back on.
16. The devices should wirelessly
connect within 30 seconds.
The connection is established
when the phone displays the
symbols indicated, on the right
side of the screen.

And thats're set!!! Any question i will try to help!

Big thanks to ccfj1 who inspired me to do this!!!! Thanks again!

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I am looking at doing this in my M5

I am just looking on ebay for the bluetooth unit but i have no idea on what Gen any of them are. How do i tell??

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The pins needed for the ULF connector can also be bought from Farnell or the like at a fraction of the price - something like 0.1 USD a piece. Also I placed the pairing switch next to the ODB connector (2001 model), as it's not used very often it can be a very small switch and this way it's very stealth and neat.

The ULF module version history can be found here:

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yipes thats complicated, i think i would just upgrade to a dynavin unit
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