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E39 temperature gauge over the middle

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Hi guys
today while cruising on the highway, my water temperature was below middle and after stucking in city traffic, it got on the middle.
After few minutes i had the opportunity to do some powerslides and the water temperature rises above middle… i s””t myself, turned the car off and on, and the gauge returned to middle.

Has this done any damage and what could have caused this?


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My car did this exact same thing on a 90 degree day, AC on full blast, while I was behind an Audi R8 V10 who gunned it and sped up about 100 yards ahead, I think it was due to me having some odd brand coolant in the car from who I bought it from, and an old, OE radiator that was 19 years old coupled by a soft-failing thermostat. I also **** myself!!!! Thankfully was able to sweve off the gridlock traffic and keep the car rolling so the air could cool it back down.

Now I have a new thermostat, the BMW Blue coolant, all new hoses and sensors and a CSF radiator! No problems since, but have yet to run with my new set up in 90 degree days, guess I will see if things improve this summer.
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