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Hi all,

What other M-car options are there for front seat swaps for my e39 M5?

I've been spoilt over the years with SAAB seats: either my 9000 Aero or the wife's 9-5 Aero (sadly) always ends up being our choice for a long journey because of this. I find the M5 seats too firm and lacking in that luxurious comfort of SAAB seats.

The Recaro's in the 9000 (below) are out of this world, being really supportive but also sooo comfortable: I completed a 1500 mile trip over a long weekend feeling zero back issues, yet 2 hrs is my max in the M5.

Is there a BMW alternative to keep things in the family, that is both sporty but also very comfortable?

My alternative is something like the Recaro Style Topline, but not at over £2.5k each new...

Many thanks

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