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You should add right at the top-

Do you have a Service Engine Soon light?

-as a link to a thread about the peake reader or dealers reading the codes, what they mean, etc. That's probably one of the most frequently asked questions there is.

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Just drove my 2003 m5 home from chicago to Toledo Ohio. My first real performance car. I'm thrilled and just can't find enough time to drive it.
Details when i settle down, so i don't embarras myself now.
It is all that it is proported to be.
Man oh man.
Richard (Das Gut).
Oh, one question for the group: Vanity plates: My wife's German friend says to name it "Dazug", which means Rocket in German.
I want to name it "Das Gut", A shortened slang term meaning That's Good.
Your thoughts? Indulge me.

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well put up FAQ
good job everyone

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This thread is AWEsome

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I just want say thank you to everyone who is an important part of M5board, and thank you to all the useful info in this thread. This is great!!!

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Archived prior to Mar'11 update

Seeing as many questions keep being asked over and over again by new members, this should answer most questions when first purchasing an E39 M5.

Manuals in English for the 2000, 2002 and 2003 models are attached in the bottom f this post.

HOWTO: Upload pictures to

Book recommendations
Website recommendations
Speeds, gears, torque, acceleration, rear-ends, etc.
ALL BMW technical documentation ONLINE!
MP3 disc creation guide
Aftermaket Warranty Information Database

General E39 M5
Download E39 M5 Owner's Manuals
List of Abbreviation/Terms
M5 E39 Body Style S62 engine FACTS
M5 Common Problems and Running Costs
M5board featured in TotalBMW Buyer's Guide
Places to look for rust when buying an E39 M5
Videos: Learning to Launch and Shift the M5
Greg's M5 driving school
Buying a car out of state tips?
Recall Campaign 01V-206: Engine Auxiliary/Cooling Fan


Timmay's Official Muffler Delete Thread

Peake Research tool for reading ODB2 & BMW fault codes
Which model Peake reader to get
Knowledge base on Peake codes for E39 M5
Differential Leak
Vanos Issues
VANOS Solenoid Replacement DIY
How VANOS work
Oil Filter Housing Mount
Carbon Buildup FAQ (summary)
Carbon Buildup FAQ (long)
Software fix for Carbon Build-Up issue
PICS: Carbon Cleaning- secondary air passages
DIY guide for sparkplug replacement
Tips for changing spark plugs
Fuel Filter install DIY, observations and tips
Fuel Filter Replacement
TECH: How to accurately compression test an S62 engine
How to test the MAFs yourself and How MAFs work
Cleaning MAFS
US$ 115 MAF group buy, both for Europe and US
MAF sensor removal tool?
VW MAF install
Replacing oxygen sensors
Stripped oilpan bolt
Rod bearing DIY
Vanos solenoide removal
Clutch DIY
Propshaft center bearing DIY
Chain tensioner DIY
ABS sensor DIY
Clutch line DIY
Waterpump DIY
Long and technical: thoughts on cold air intakes and temp sensor relocation
How to reset your service indicator
Steve Dinan's White Paper on the Dinan S2-M5 and Dyno Testing
Jammed Transmission Selector Fix
Clean up shifter slop
Info: When installing Supersprint Headers
Zionsville Super Duty Radiator Installation
DIY Tech: CPS Replacement
DIY Tech: CPS Bank 2 Replacement
VANOS Warranty in California
DIY: Serpentine Drive Belt Replacement
Rod Bearing Replacement- In Car- Pictures and costs
Fuel Tank Breather DIY (Peake E8 code)
Another Fuel Tank Breather DIY (Peake E8 code)
Yet another Fuel Tank Breather DIY (Peake E8 code)
Timing Chain Replacement, VANOS replacement and setting timing

Thermostat Replacement 1

Oil Pan Thread Repair

DIY- O2 Sensor Change

Muffler Delete- ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

Suspension & Brakes
Suspension alignment specifications
Rear Swaybar Brackets
Fixed steering wheel vibration!
X5 Thrust arm bushings
Installing X5 bushings
Possible front control arm bushing failure?
excellent brake article
Why aren't the OEM rotors cross-drilled?
Which Big Brake Kit (BBK)?
E39 M5 Brake Duct Modification
Brake/Clutch Bleed w/ATE Super Blue
Installing Ground Control suspension
DIY guide for Front Suspension Coil Over Install
DIY guide for Rear Suspension Coil Over Install

Wheels & Tires
Original Manufacturer of Chrome Shadow paint

Bodywork & Lights
Angel Eyes - Stock vs PIAA vs ICE [PICS]
Installing Celis Tail Lights
Step-by-step paint scratch removal guide
Failing Electrochromic Mirror- Warranty Info
Adventures with Headlight Adjusters
Passenger side mirror replacement

Battery Replacement Options: BMW, OE, etc..

NAV Hardware and Software Version
NAV Status Screen providing gyro data
4:3 to 16:9 navigation upgrade
Changing the viewing angle of the 16/9 navi screen
Oil Pressure Gauge Install
Missing Pixels on dashboard display
Repair guide for missing pixels in odometer display
Alternate Repair guide for missing pixels in odometer display - Ribbon Cable Replacement

Vent Fan Failure--Final Stage Unit replacement?
Troubleshooting non-working central locking system (key is not dead)
Troubleshooting remote trunk (boot) release
Tech: How to reset your service indicator
Secret menu
Rear Deck Rattle - DIY Fix
DIY guide for Rear Deck Removal
DIY guide for Bluetooth retrofit kit

Upgrading early M5's to MY2001 onwards look
00 --> 01 Front Headlight Conversion Instructions
Steering wheel / airbag upgrade
Navigation 4:3 to 16:9 - see Interior section

Special Projects
M5 UTE conversion
My thoughts on living with a Area 51 Supercharged M5
On acquiring “El Diablo”, Black M5/Discovery Automotive über-beast!
Buildstory of DINAN supercharged 540i Touring
540i 4.9 Kompressor buildstory
Nowack N-500
S3 #17 Is Back From Dinan
First Impressions with my Dinan S3 #18. Test Drive today......
Dinan S3 project has started......
Report on Delivery of Dinan S3 #22 (pics) [Very comprehensive write-up]
Dinan S3 #23 is back
Build of NYC S3 #24 (Pictures)
NOS on e39 M5?

Stealth One:

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Added to the refreshed FAQ.

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