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BURTON said:
Yeah indeed it does.
The same lot from Nigeria tried the same stunt with a GTR33 @ £4750 Buy it now.
This was the line a mate got...

"Yes my friend the car is full uk spec & it is my Baby & I have she in beeter condition nowthan when I bought her.
I will ship at my cost via Luthansa & freight direct to your home.
Yes she is perfect 3.0 liter with no faults..."

Yeah right.

That must be one rare Skyline with a 3 litre lump..

Lets be careful out there.


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Yeah complete scam, you see them all the time. Always seem to show what are obviously US cars sitting on the forecourt of a US dealership and of course LHD with US numberplates and all! But the car is actually in London? - oh come on scammers try harder will ya!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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