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This is a pretty simple DIY repair for the E39 M5 Auto Dimming driver or passenger side mirrors. Left hand drive cars only. Please note the heated mirror function cannot be saved.

You will need:

A replacement auto dimming mirror cell. Available from for $99 plus shipping. You can email [email protected] to order.
3M VHB double sided tape - this is included free from Radar-Mirror when you purchase the new mirror cell.
A hair dryer or heat gun.
Flat head screwdriver.
Exacto knife or Olfa knife and razor blade.
Soldering iron and solder.
Auto/Marine silicone sealant.

Begin by heating the back of the mirror panel enough to soften the adhesive. Careful not to melt any plastic! Use a screwdriver to remove the plastic backing from the glass. Take your time and work around the mirror until it comes free.

Remove the remaining white tape from the black backing plate.

Using a exacto or Olfa knife work around both sides of the plastic bezel and separate it from the glass.

Next remove all of the remaining black silicone from the plastic bezel.

Grab your soldering iron and remove the two wire leads from the edge of the mirror cell.

This will complete the disassembly process and we can now begin installing the new mirror cell.

Put the new mirror cell inside the bezel and place the backing on the back of the glass. Mark the glass so you know where the wires need to placed and solder the wires back onto the edges of the mirror.

Get a piece of cardboard and cut out a small hole just a little smaller than the plastic bezel. This mirror is the passenger side (convex) and we need to allow room for glass.

Next we need to place a bead of silicone inside the plastic bezel. Don't skimp on the silicone here - we want a nice thick bead that is going to keep the elements out. Don't worry about a mess we will clean it up after it dries. Press the new mirror cell into the bezel, place it on the prepared cardboard and put something on top of the glass to make sure it stays put. You will need to let the silicone cure for 24 hours.

After the silicone has cured you will need to remove all of the excess dried silicone from the front and back of the mirror. Any excess silicone that is on the plastic bezel will easily come off with a fingernail. You can use a razor blade to clean the glass.

Make sure the back of the glass is clean and dry. Apply the strips of double sided VHB tape to the back of the mirror and trim off the edges. You should leave a 1-2 mm gap from the edge of the glass.

You are going to want to apply another bead of silicone and make sure the edges of the glass and metal strips are completely covered.

Finally you need to replace plastic backing. Make sure the surface is as clean and dry as possible. Press the backing into place and you can go ahead and wipe off the excess silicone that squirts out along the edges. Wait another 24 hours to let everything dry and you are ready to re-install the mirror onto the car.

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