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Hi my pinion bearing has gone and the guy that can repair it wont because he said that in 80% of cases the diff brake has gone too and another guy he works with does that and he's on his summer holidays... typical...

I'm looking for a 2nd hand low mileage diff or somewhere in Sweden (not mobimech hb) as he's the one who wont do it.. and not JMB optimering either as was promised a quote and phone call back and currently not answering my calls during work hours... i don't know what's wrong with these Swedes but they are lazy as **** or just don't want the work!

any help is greatly appreciated, also i can buy the bearings myself, the job doesn't seem so hard a simple replace old with new and tighten down the bolts with a T-wrench.

Also is the diff brake the thing that makes the pinion go in and out? as it makes a noise when i let off the gas but when i accelerate there's zero or no noise at all.
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