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This is the auto-dimming 'clown nose' mirror removed from my 2000 M5. It will fit on any E39 5-series car as well as other BMW models as well.

The mirror has been disassembled in the pictures (a very simple process) to show it's condition.

The fluid inside has begun to break apart so the mirror will need to be repaired. can do this for $100 (they do an awesome job.

The only other issue with the mirror at all is a few of the female mounting tabs have broken off. When you put the mirror back together it closes nicely, however, it's a bit loose in the areas where the tabs have broken off. Because of that you'll likely just have to apply some contact glue in order to seal it up. It's really not a big issue, I just wanted to point it out as I believe in being 100% honest and upfront.

A new mirror from the dealer can be anywhere from $400-$600. I'm going to ask $150 shipped (as long as the buyer covers PayPal fees) for my mirror which I feel is a very fair deal all things considered.

If you're interested please PM me!


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