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Great images and story line!

Enjoyed the wash to drive story. Thanks to you and your wife for all the hard work in getting this one up and running. Your story brought back memories from long ago.....
Years ago I worked for a dealer and one morning the tow service called and said they were bring in a "sub". Hour later in came a unit with water still in the car to the top of the door panels. This one had sunk in the local river by "junior" while on a college drinking binge.
After opening the doors and letting out some 500 gallons of river water the vehicle was pushed in to a bay and put up on rack...That is when the fun began. It was the first time that I saw water come out of a dip stick shaft.
Bottom line 2 weeks of shop work car was fixed, bill paid by daddy, driven 8 miles and traded in at another dealer on another. So beware there are those out there that were sunk and "repaired" and now on the open market.


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got a chance to be driven around in this very highly specced 530iT.

A brilliant job at restoring it. The car likes a brand new one. No rattles and squeaks whatsoever, totally solid.

The interior trim is gorgeous and a really nice place to be. These Euro spec cars have literally every option from the factory which is rare to see for example in the UK. Sport Electric heated memory seats in a Touring in the UK? Really!!

It was very interesting actually. The Taxi's we mostly sat in here are mostly Mercedes 2012 E Class Estates. Compared to the E39 they feel really a bit cheap with respect to the build and materials. Get back in the E39 of this condition and it just shows you why this car won so many awards.

Think will go on the hunt for one of those myself!

Quite also shows how this guy likes his wife so much as it was all for her. :goldcup:

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Pictures please
As soon as the weather is better...

Meanwhile I went through my part storage and found a few more things I can use for the Touring:

-M5 differential(rebuild with stock ratio,but 40% lock)
-M5 brakes front and rear(new discs,pads,rebuild calipers)
-Style 65 wheels(need refurb)
-Some stuff for fuel delivery upgrade:M5 fuel pump,pressure regulator,so the stock injectors will be sufficient

I will replace all suspension parts again,new subframe bushes,reinforcement for front diff mount,...
A set of Bilstein sport dampers,Eibach springs front and rear suspension airbags for sport suspension.

It will also end up with a paddle shift on the steering wheel.

The easiest way would be to buy a SMG steering wheel.
But given I have a just refurbed one,this is not an option.

So I bought a set of paddles and will integrate them in the existing sport steering wheel.

The charger system gets a few modifications and upgrades.
Mostly to make it more efficient and also a bit more boost.

And of course Sal maps it.

Will all take quite some time as I do it in my spare time.
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