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Evening all,

This is a post for information purposes for other Alpina enthusiasts. I found the specific detail very hard to find on the internet so here are my findings from real life experience...

I had big gearbox problems with my 6.0 B12 when I bought it despite it only having covered 75000km. I also had the same on my 5.7 B12 after 100000km. I believe this is quite common with these cars.

I searched this forum for answers and got some good help, but I thought I'd add this information for anyone searching in the future.

The B12 5.7 shares the same gearbox as the 750i up until about 07/1998. However after then the gearbox is different and has a different bellhousing. The later 750i (08/98 on) gearbox only is suitable for the B12 6.0.

However it seems from my research that any torque converter from any E38 750i will fit all B12 either 5.7 or 6.0.

I hope this information helps anyone with similar problems in the future.

If anyone needs any more help (for example part numbers) please send me an email from this forum.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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