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E34 Running costs

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Hello Everyone,

I am planning on buying a 1994 E34 M5 touring, with 250k km but with a full service book. Before I take the deep plunge, I'd like to hear what the approximate running costs are ? (per annum) Any horror stories I should be aware of?:(

Thanks for your help,:byebye:

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Hi Papinos,

First try a quick look at if you haven't already

There are three major things to check over and above the normal things you would check on any car of this age. They are suspension, suspension, and suspension! EDC shockers cost a fortune, and these cars are hard on bushes and other components. Have a good crawl round underneath to check for leaking shockers, and watch for knocks and wobbles on the test drive.

Some will tell you that the 3.8 engine is less robust than the 3.6 and may require freshening fairly soon (300K km).

Best of luck with your decision

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