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Purpose of this FAQ's
Seeing as many questions keep being asked over and over again by new members, this should answer most questions when first purchasing an E34 M5

Procedure for adding an article to the FAQ's
Requests to add a thread to the FAQ's list can be submitted to any of the moderators of the E34 M5 forum. If mod/admin agrees, the thread will be added to this list.

None (20140109)

HOWTO: Upload pictures to
E34 section dictionary (Explanation of commonly used abbreviations in the E34 section.)
Forum etiquette, politeness and namecalling etc (Rules of behavior on this board)
The E28S M5 FAQ's (Visit the FAQ's about the predecessor model that shares many technical aspects.)

The worldwide M5 Touring registry (Worlwide M5 Touring registry managed by member m5tourreg)
How many beasts are still alive (Investigation about how many E34 M5's (all versions) are still alive)
E34 M5's in Indonesia (Members AseanAero and Bluebiturbo are tracking the Indenesian E34 M5's; if you have anything to add, please let us know.)

General E34 M5
There is a hole in my pocket (The inevitable fate of any S38 engine, experiences and contemplations from the owner of an M5T)
E34 M5 3.8 with 408hp engine (If you have anything to add to the 408hp factory S38B38 engine)
Explanation-great-S38-domino (The other side of S38 ownership; about maintenance and repairs; A must read for all prospective owners).
Fuel quality, 95RON or 98RON ? (This topic discusses the beneifts (or lack therof) of using high octane fuel; it also explains the difference between RON (Europe) and AKI+MON (North America)

The danger of not replacing engine coolant periodically (by member bmwdirtracer)
What gearbox fluid to use for the Getrag 280 transmission
Engine weight of various M-power engines including S50,S52,S38,S54, M88 & S14 etc (by member First E28 M5)
Why not use oiled air-filters
Synthetic vs semi-synthetic motor-oil's
Camshaft alignment conciderations
How to check if your Throttle Position Sensor is faulty (E34 ///M5 3.8)
Throttle Position switch adjustement (E34 ///M5 3.6, E28 ///M5, E24 M635CSI and E24 ///M6 models)
S50B32-chain-tensioner-upgrade for the S38B36 & S38B38 (All E34 ///M5 models as well as all E28 ///M5 and E24S M635CSI and E24 M6 models)
Replacement of the MAF screens (All E34 ///M5 models)
Synchronizing the intake vacuum made easy for a DIY by using a simple and inexpensive tool from carbtune (All E34 ///M5 models)
Share your (Blackstone) oil analysis here (these are true facts and not assumptions about oil-and engine wear)
LUK clutch kit issue suggests that repair-pars supplier has a serious issue with their 2013 clutch kits for the E34 M5.

Suspension & Brakes
Brake Pads for 345mm M5 & CSi floating disks and 324mm e32 4-pot calipers
After market brake kit options

EDCIII suspension (E34 ///M5 3.8)
EDCIII rebuild service
In depth EDCIII description vs rebuild issues
EDCIII replacement alternatives (part I) (Contemplations of an owner who is seeking a suitable alternative for the EDCIII suspension for his M5 Touring)
EDCIII replacement alternatives (part II) (Implementation and results of the installation of the 540i touring M-technik suspension on a M5 Touring, related to EDCIII replacement alternatives (part I))
An excellent thread about the advantages of softball-spherical-bearing-bushings

Wheels & Tires
Quest for Refurbish Perfection of OEM E39 M5 wheels (Member Tiauguinho's excellent thread on obtaining perfection with the wheels of his E39 M5; Highly recommended.)

Bodywork & Lights
Inspection and repair of rusted sills (N.B: Should be part of a Pre Purchase Inspection)

Leather reconditioning (If your leather interior has been neglected, this thread may give a good clue how to correct hat).
Leather reconditioning II (Results with a product from leatherique).

BMW Motorsport door handles
Step-by-step paint scratch-removal-guide (How to remove scratches in the paint of your car by yourself).
How to detail your E34 M5? (member jrobbo's blog for an excellent detailling results of your precious beast).

Media & Enterthainment
M5 Audio/video options
Installation of a Becker Cascade (Pro) head unit

Radio wiring harness connector and wire description
Installation schematic of DIN-ISO head-units into E34's with the old (pre March 1990) radio wiring loom (Also applicable to the E23/E24/E28/E30/E32 model ranges)

Special Projects
Detailed walk-around of the IMSA E34 M5 racer with more than 80 incredible pictures by member 'First E28 M5' (Thanks Anri for sharing)
Member DickRS’s e34 M5 Dedicated ‘Ring Tool, aka “Dikke Dame” (Fat Lady)
Member SebringNL's Major wrenching on an E34S M5 3.6
Sebring Sienna ..... Track Car project
The Perfect Beast Supercharged MY93 Avus Blue M5
Engine disassemby of an M88/3 (Incredible pictures and failure mode analysis of an M88/3 engine, the predecessor of the S38B36)
Another E34 M5 domino (Member RobertK addressed many issues on his eigtheen year old E34 M5, most of which as a daily driver. Check this thread to find out more.)
Restoration of an E34 M5 3.6 (by a proffesional workshop in North America. This particular car is owned by the owner of the workshop who spares no expense; excellent thread.)
Hugo's track car project is about the revival and conversion of an E34 M5 into a dedicated track-car

E34 M540i corner
Oil pump warning for M60 engines (Important warning for M540i and 540i owners; applies to the entire M60/M62 engine family)

Specialists in GB (Read all about specialists in Great Britain).

Other Internet references
The German E34 M5 forum A sister internet platform dedicated to the E34S M5, also known as 'ze Germans'
An archived mirror of the now offline with lots of information and magazine/brochure scans. (thanks to member erik54life for passing through this weblink)

Owner experiences
Expectations of an E34 ///M5 (Read and share all about expectations from owning an E34 ///M5).
Your best M5 driving experience (Share your best driving experience with us)
A tribute to BK02387 (A photostory about ten years of ownership.)

Nordschleife per E34 M5 (fat-lady dickrs) as seen from an E46 M3 CSL with camara (One of the best track videos from an E34 M5 as seen from a following E46 M3 CSL)

2009 E34S M5 Dutch spring meeting
2008 E34S M5 Dutch spring meeting
2007 E34S M5 European Alps tour
2006 E34S M5 and M540iLE Australian Alps tour
2006 E34S M5 European Alps tour
2006 E34S M5 Nordschleife spring meet
2005 E34S M5 European Alps tour
2004 E34S M5 European Alps tour
2003 E34S M5 European Alps tour
2002 E34S M5 European Alps tour
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