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e28 radio

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Hi people I own a 1985 bmw m5 e28 and it's 100% stock, but the only issue i have right now is the radio which he doesn't work,
i don't really get anything related with electronics. The radio dont catch any fm station, is only make noise of a tv without sign.
If someone had the same issue please give me some tips, I dont want to buy a new radio system, like I said I want the car 100% stock
Thanks anyway. Sorry my poor english
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Just a few thoughts:

On my previous E28, the original radio/cassette was a very expensive one - but the standard of fitting was bad. Try and trace all the cables.

Is the antenna grounded properly?

Is the antenna cable connected at the radio?

Like batmobile says - the antenna cable may be bad, or there could be an in-line connector somewhere between the radio and the antenna which is disconnected (?)

If the radio was fitted when the car was new then it is unlikely to have RDS, so the stations have to be manually tuned (I guess you know this....)

If the radio has manual tuning, there may be a mechanical fault within the radio where the tuning mechanism has become disconnected.

Hope you get it car has the original radio, too!


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