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e28 question std to a B9

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When Alpina created each B9 (back in 84) did they change the wiring looms etc to accomodate the engine and ancillieries that was installed?
How I understand it is, the 2.8 engine was a jetronic system and the 3.5's were motronic, so if they used the 528i as a base car, took the engine out, and installed the 3.5 engine, how did they get over the differences in the wiring?
Am I correct in the above, or am I off track completely?

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i have just checked a magazine article i have on the B9 from september 1984.
in a nutshell, they dropped out the 2.8 engine and put in the alpina unit...they then changed the engine management system to a bosch motronic one. the wiring loom did not need to be altered.
hope that helps.

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