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E28 M5 Option Codes

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I am currently researching the 187 GB-specification cars and the options fitted.

Is anyone able to tell me what option 780 "BMW LM-Rad / M Parallelspeiche" is and what it looks like?

I realise it is likely to be a light-alloy wheel type but how would this differ from the BBS cross-spoke design that was standard on GB cars?

Any other assistance with option codes and descriptions would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards

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780 now means this type of wheels, You should check what meant in the times that e28 was produced.. I think ist the bbs wheel, that was standard only outside Germany...
Yes, I think this option code has been re-used to refer to the more recent parallel-spoke M-type wheels (e.g. on E38. E39). This is one of the hazards of using more recent option code lists to try and determine the build specification of cars built 20 or more years ago!

Unfortunately I don't speak German, but I think "LM rad" is literally "light metal wheel".

Always happy to be corrected on such points by others who know different!


LM, is leichtmetallfelgen: alloy wheels, you're right!
I have quite a big list of codes of the '80s, should I post them?

An 80's list would be extremely helpful - to me, anyway!

I shall look forward with anticipation - i realise it might take time to transcribe unless you can scan it?


I don't have a scan, but I'll post what I've got;)
From the price list of september 1986:
M5 84.900 dm
note: Individual options can be had for M3, M5 and M635csi by BMW Motorsport

next the options, first code, then description, at the end, price.

240 airbag 2.000dm
682 radio antenna 370dm
684 radio and phone antenna 515dm
210 abs
314 right mirror mirrors are colour coded (no option code fot the colour coding)
419 phone 1390dm
570 big battery
551 obc
301 DWA alarm 710dm
411 front and rear power windows (in Germany had to be payed up until9/85...)
421 Halon fire estinguisher 150dm
979 Overmats in velour 190dm
540 cruise control (in preparation) 620dm
530 climate system 3650dm
498 rear head rests 220dm
562 map lights 84
510 headlight aim control 95dm
320 no model badge (free)
669 becker mexico 2680dm
672 becker mexico cd 4890 (7 series only on this price guide, but I know was available for M5)
668 bavaria c exclusiv radio
663 bavaria c electronic radio 1200dm
650 bavaria c radio 740dm
675 bmw sound system (not sk audio!!!) 550dm
290 trx 220/55vr390
500 headlamp wash wipe 735dm
400 Sunroof 1300dm
401 Power sunroof 1700dm
402 Power moonroof 2170dm
339 shadow line 650dm
494 heated front seats 485dm
458 power seats (standard or sport) 2085dm
415 rear blind 210dm
481 sport seats
485 recaro sport seats 220dm
536 Standheating 1425dm
350 tinted windows (green) 205dm (free if climate ordered)
351 brown tinted windows
428 warning triangle 65dm

The leather prices are not shown for M5.....

I hope that is usseful for You and the forum...:cheers:
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Excellent - thank you very much indeed.

When I have had time to digest this, I will add the others which I had already, based on the GB cars and my enquiries here - there may need to be some corrections to my list, perhaps.

Kind regards

You're welcome:cheers:

All the options on the original build sheet for UK M5 "004" match with your list with the exception that the interior options are not listed. I presume that these, along with the colour options were classed as standard selection.

Yes, they are, on the build sheet there are 2 codes, polst aus, that means the cut style and polster, that means type of seat surface, farbe that means the colour.
With that 3 codes You know everything of the inside of the car, for example 0181 is buffalo nutria, 0181 buffalo anthrazit, 0188 nutria cloth, 0190 cloth pine green.
0203 leather black, and pay attention: FULL leather black 0232
and so on, do You want every code?
0209 LAMA
Full leather:
0237 NATUR
0239/0256 CARDINAL ROT

0999 or 490 special Upholstery

That is what I know...
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More on upholstery.....and RHD cars that went elsewhere?

Thank you very much once again - these are turning into very instructive threads!

This is really helpful, as I said yesterday I think I will need to revise some of my earlier work on the GB cars. So be it!

In terms of the information to which I have access, car # 004 (see above post from davettf2) is described as 0180, as are the other GB cars with Anthrazit Buffalo hide (the others were # 001, # 060, # 080, # 140). There is no other data or number on the printout for these cars to describe the cut style, as you put it.

For car # 139, mentioned elsewhere, there is no record of 0181 (Nutria Buffalo) though this car has "9990 Special Upholstery" and also shows option 097, which apparently translates as Nutria Buffalo hide (?).

I'm a little confused with the three GB cars with Silver (0233) as in addition to the code describing full leather, as described elsewhere two cars have option 086 "Full Leather Pack" and the other, option 077 "Special Leather". Perhaps I am unwittingly using updated/later option descriptions for these - further thoughts would be welcome on these option codes and what they included (e.g. leather coveered steering wheel hub?).

There were 2 GB cars with 0237 (# 034 and # 063), 1 with 0239 (# 079,) and 1 with 0256 (# 027).

Three right-hand drive cars cars, including # 034 and # 079 noted above, apparently did not come to to GB when new (they are not "recognised" by BMW GB) and presumably went to other right-hand drive territories.

Any information on where these cars actually went when new would be of interest.

As always,


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hi mfiver how common is the 206 perl beige buffalo option in the uk cars
thanks cookie
Rapid reply:
full leather addicted code means even the boot in leather... for RHD cars i'm sure, for the LHD not really sure
More clear explanation:
Leather means only seats in leather, with the central parts of the doors in vinyl.
Then You could get leather on seats, plus lower doorcards, glove box, under dash panel, like middle console, knee bolster....
Then there was the whole leather with dashboard, door toppings, headliner and rear shelf leathered, with this could be had the sk audio.
The last option: even the boot leather covered.....

I don't know which of the last 3 had an extra code.....
Three right-hand drive cars cars, including # 034 and # 079 noted above, apparently did not come to to GB when new (they are not "recognised" by BMW GB) and presumably went to other right-hand drive territories.



In the last couple of years there have been number of UK cars which have been imported in to the republic of Ireland, but apparently there was one car which was sold in Ireland from new which may account for one of the three cars above as it would have been sold with a RHD UK spec. I do not have a chassis number or any details on it but I will try and find out. Although I have not seen the car I believe it is now undergoing a restoration.


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Many thanks for the post. I know of at least one RHD car that has gone to the RoI in the last three years or so.

About six years ago I was at a classic car auction (BCA, Bridgwater): one of the lots on offer was a Diamond black M5 that had originally been a GB car, had been to the RoI for several years and had then just returned to GB (it was still wearing RoI registration plates). On the day, it didn't make the reserve price and was unsold.

I also think it possible that at least one RHD car went to that territory when new - I am not familiar with the marque franchising arrangements that applied there back then but apparently BMW GB were not responsible.

As far as I know, another poster on this board has one of the three "unrecognised" cars which is now in GB and this is being restored currently.

The option codes for those three cars do not accord exactly with what I believe to be the "standard" GB specification items, which I believe was covered as a package by ordering (option?) code 812.

This tends to suggest they were supplied into other territories where other pricing strategies would apply (I hesitate to say "marketing", as three cars hardly warrants the term!) and probably based around the Euro specification. This is pure speculation on my part, I admit.

Any additional information you may be able to provide would be of interest.

Kind regards

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Many thanks as always, this is starting to add more clarity.

There are so few cars around with the higher specification leather it's difficult to make a detailed comparison.

However, we have a get-together here in GB on 9 June - I hope we will get a reasonable number of cars attending!



If indeed there were some brand new e28 m5's brought to Ireland they would have been imported directly from Germany by Motor import Ltd who had the Franchaise up until very recently for BMW in Ireland. It has now been taken over by BMW Germany directly. I will phone the distributers here in Ireland during the week and see if they have any records of new m5's being sold at that time. I am pretty sure that any brought here would have been lumped together with the GB RHD cars unlike the South African RHD cars. Will post back if I find anything.


hi mfiver how common is the 206 perl beige buffalo option in the uk cars
thanks cookie

Sorry - finally replying to your post here.

You will have seen from other posts that only six GB cars actually had Buffalo hide, five of these were Anthracite hide and the other was Nutria.

Pearl beige was "ordinary" leather - I was surprised to find that 39 GB cars (in numerous colours) were supplied with this. There were also 7 cars supplied with Pearl beige cloth.


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